If you want to really grow your business, you must let go of control. This is one thing I have an INCREDIBLY tough time doing. Many successful entrepreneurs have this problem. They will even turn down funding from investors because they don’t want any form of their vision being altered. It is near impossible to grow that way. You have to relinquish control. It’s a form of fear that things won’t go right if you don’t have your hands on it.

Not everyone will do everything the way you want to, but there’s a beauty in that. They MIGHT do certain things worse than you, but they will definitely add value and even do certain things better than you because of perspective and different skills that they are operating with.

You only have 24 hours in the day. Where is your time best utilized? Where can you add the most value to society? it’s probably not in answering all of your emails and taking control of every marketing ad. Delegate out where you can.

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