What’s up gang.

This Mastermind Group was formulated to maximize both your professional careers and personal lives. As you know, my mission to create a council of leaders.
This is a platform for you to be able work with like-minded people towards a common goal. The purpose of a Mastermind, is to come to incredible truths using the power of something called, groupthink.

As a result, I’ve created accountability groups called Juntos.

Benjamin Franklin had a group called The Junto that would meet weekly every Friday evening, to discuss moral, political, and social topics. Each would be responsible for answering questions Ben Franklin devised before each meeting and they would often be assigned the tasks of writing an essay on a deep topic that they would then present to the group.

Our groups will be similar in nature. We will meet every couple of weeks to discuss imperative topics. In the interim, you will stay in touch with your group members.
Each group will have a Leader called The Junto Leader.

As of now, we have 3 Junto Groups – called Artemis, Vulcan, and Neptune. The groups are hand-selected by me based on profession, skill-set, and knowledge base. We currently have 73 active Mastermind members and this number will continue to grow. Do your own internal assessment of anyone in your inner circle if they would benefit from joining this group and would like to be part of a movement.

Please search for your name below, and which group you fall under. You will communicate with the people within your group. Befriend them on this platform and private message them. Also, expect to hear from your Junto Leader often and check in with them if you have any questions or would like to see any changes to the platform.

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Meet Group Artemis Leader, John Thompson

Hello! I am John. I am passionate about food and knowing where our food comes from. I have spent the last 20+ years working in the foodservice business in various capacities. From my formal education years to culinary college, working up the corporate ladder, to being a private chef and having briefly owned my own restaurant. I then went to work for the world’s only private ski and golf resort in Big Sky Montana where I spent ten years helping develop systems for food and beverage purchasing and receiving. This is where I realized the importance of having strong vendor relationships and having solid local connections to your supply chain as this was a quickly changing and growing environment. I took part in planning and designing new facilities, the main lodge, two remodels, and several new facilities from the ground up. This took me to a whole new level of experiences in a short amount of time. Something I expect could’ve taken an entire lifetime to accomplish. So naturally, when a friend and vendor of mine began discussing building a local food distribution business I took him up on it. So for the past three years, I have been developing and growing the local food sales and distribution which has been wildly successful. Being that Montana is the fourth largest state in the US, including Alaska, distribution has its challenges! It didn’t take long to add in some of Wyoming and Idaho too! I enjoyed the diversity of this new business but all the while stuck in a warehouse. So recently I left the distribution business to work more closely with my food producers and buyers, I started my own business. 

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, in a small town in Washington State. I was very active in the outdoors, hunting and fishing, riding motorcycles, playing sports. My father had built a full weight room just off the house so from the time I was 12 I was lifting weights, something I do still to this day. Recently in the past few years, I have even discovered the sport of powerlifting and competed in a few events here in Montana. Weightlifting is a very personal activity, something you have to be dedicated to doing and disciplined in to continue to see new achievements in. I still hunt and fish occasionally, being in Montana I should. 

As for motorcycles, just last summer I went to the Sturgis rally for my first time. I also am working on rebuilding a 1999 XJ Jeep Cherokee as I have always enjoyed working on vehicles. This is my second Jeep, I had a CJ5 for a short while in college too.

I look forward to all new opportunities and challenges as these are the greatest learning experiences we will have in our lives. Whether professionally or personally, always seek to grow.

Meet Team Vulcan Leader, Derick Oliveiros

Hi everyone my name is Derick Oliveros.
I am 24 years old, born and raised in Hawaii and currently living in Richmond, Virginia. 

I love going on adventures such as road trips, hiking, beach, traveling. Some of my other hobbies are eating out lol, fashion, vlogging, etc.. pretty much easy going and enjoy many things.

I am a Personal Trainer and have been doing it for 3 Years now. At first, working out was strictly for myself to improve my health, now it’s much more then just that. Being a Personal Trainer, passionate in health and fitness has saved my life. It continues to teach me life lessons such as commitment and discipline. My goal is to help others along the way to get the results they want out of life. Overall I want to win in life and I want others to win as well.

Meet Team Neptune Leader Austin Ellis

Originally from Big Sandy, Tn Born and Raised. Have always had a passion for selling and entrepreneurship since I was 12 years old. I would sell anything while I was in Middle and High school from my lunch to firewood. I started up a lawn care service business and sold firewood door to door while I was in school to pay my bills. I joined the Navy at 17 years old as an Aviation Ordnancman working on F/A 18 E/F, I served at VFA-2 for 5 years. My work ethic allowed me to achieve 3 Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals and Sailor of the Year and make rank fast.  I decided to get out of the navy this past September to pursue college and entrepreneurship. After separating I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone so I took a door to door sales job. A few months later I started working for Victory Nissan Dealership I currently work for as a sales representative contractor while going to college full time maintaining 24 credit hours. My goals currently are to make 100K this year and buy an apartment complex in 2020. Also I am looking to start up another business after the apartment complex and become a serial entrepreneur!

You will be hearing from these 3 phenomenal individuals regarding your group meetings. They’re here to help you with your personal endeavors, coordinate times for the group to meet, and help guide your team. They will lead healthy discussions and help foster an environment for growth.

Get excited! These are fast times and this is a great opportunity for explosive growth. You will be hearing from the Junto Leader of the group you belong to shortly. Keep your lines of communication open.

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