Who sold you the computer you’re using? Your desk? Your phone? The clothes you’re wearing?

When selling stops, the world stops. You should be so proud to be a salesman or saleswoman.

If there’s one skill you need to master in life, it’s the art of influence.

I know that many of you have thought about hiring me as a mentor, but you’ve made excuses. Some might be justified. Most are just locked in habitual patterns to say no to things that might benefit you.

It’s the same type of excuses that prospects of your companies will come up with.

Brandon can tell you all about how he couldn’t afford this $9.99 members only site. Now he works for this company.

Wealthy people don’t say “I can’t afford it”. They say “How can I afford it?”

Big difference. Can you afford working with me? Absolutely! Will you do it though? Everything in life requires action and an investment of your time, energy, and yes, money! Starting a business will require money! Losing weight will require some money (joining a gym, getting better quality food, and gaining the necessary information so you don’t spin your wheels). You are your biggest business though! Will you invest in you as a business?

Here is the #1 influential tip in life: You sell based on who you are, not on what you say. Do not stop growing on a personal level.

Webinar on Business Strategy this Thursday ($97 – FREE for 1 on 1 Clients): http://www.jaretgrossmanwebinar.com

The other 4 packages I offer are:

  • Awakened – $500/month
    • This is the most economically friendly package that I do to work with me 1 on 1 – It’s one session per week during the first month to recoup your initial investment and then it’s one session per quarter thereafter. Most of my work is done upfront so I can give you action steps and teach you how to make more money right away.
  • Invincible Mind (8 Week Video Course plus 8 Live Q & A Phone Calls each week) – $833/month over 12 months or $555/month over 18 months through Paypal Credit 
    • This is my best work to date. I tried to condense as much as I personally know in 8 hours of video plus we hop on a call every single week. It’s also an advanced program because it’s 8 intense weeks of action.
  • Empowered – $2,500/month
    • This is the program that all of you should be on to have a personal mentor in your life all year round to make the appropriate adjustments. It’s one strategy session per week for the first month and then one per month. These are 2 hours instead of the 1 hour sessions that the above consist of.
  • Unplugged – $5,000/month
    • This is if you have a good income source now and you want to take your life to an entirely new level to become a Fortune 500 CEO, a professional athlete, or you recently experienced a traumatic event. I fly out to you. I observe every behavior of yours and we correct it right there on the spot. I will shake up your life like it’s never been shaken up before. Then, we do a strategy session every single month. My travel accommodations are included in the price.

You have tasks and accountability throughout this all and you can also pay upfront instead of monthly to save thousands on each package. All 1 on 1 packages include free access to the weekly webinars I host.

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Influencing is not about wanting to make money. It’s about giving something of value that people need. Money is just the transactional unit of energy that keeps the process going.

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