Business is about attention to the details.

Its an obsessiveness to keep untying the knots and keep tweaking each step of your process to make sure you close every hole you can think of and you make the user experience as amazing as possible for your prospects and customers.

This is why it’s so hard for small businesses to compete with mega corporations.

You might be a one-man or one-woman army. Corporations have thousands of employees working towards one goal. Who is paying more attention to detail?

When a corporation has a full-time web developer who is paying attention just to one single webpage and you have to worry about marketing, development, accounting, product development, sales calls, shipping and fulfillment all by yourself…you’re going to miss out on many details.

Now, in order to compete you must tap into your X-factor.

What do you do better than anyone else? You have it and once you discover it that’s where all your business endeavors need to stem from. Every successful business has an X-factor. Some are harder to discover than others, but they all have it. You’ll notice that the moment the business starts straying from their X-factor is when they start losing market share. They get haughty and think they can expand to areas they know nothing about.

The businesses that do the best though pay extraordinary attention to detail.

Don’t get this confused to think that the details are more important than the big pillars. Some people obsess over a particular graphic on an advertisement they’re running when there are 105 more urgent priorities that need to be taken care of such as the finances, the sales process, etc. But the idea is that you have to go into as much depth as possible into all that you do.

Step into your customers’ shoes. What experience would you really want? Don’t have rose colored glasses on and justify it just because it’s your business, but if you were totally detached and separate from your business, how much value do you provide through every step of the process?

Do people feel immersed in a positively induced altered reality when they enter your world?

Attention to detail. Keep improving it.

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