We are living in a new age. In order to do business, you have to pull people in to your message first. Then, they might be interested in your product.

Do people like what you have to say? What you are about?

If there is something about you that pulls them to you, they’ll open up their wallet up to you.

It’s very rare that a product just wows us the first time we see it that we feel compelled to buy it. There’s usually a lot of pre-framing and marketing thrown your way to give you the idea of having a better life IF you buy the product.

That’s where message and communication comes in.

Regardless of your profession, you have to dissect the customer in terms of what they want – not what you want to give them. Getting out of yourself is as much a business strategy as it is a life long lesson.

How much value do you provide to people?

We’re all busy so I get how hard it is to just do your hair in the morning let alone analyze your prospects at such a deep level. But you have to constantly provide value and stay in front of people.

Free models are a great new way to suck people in. Look at Youtube, Instagram, Facebook. If they charged money would you use them? How many things have you bought from an influencer on any one of those platforms?

Most of you found me from YouTube.

You have to think this way with your customers as well.

What can you give them for free – then be grateful for them spending time with you and/or viewing your content. Then, sell them on stuff that will make their life better.

I know it sounds simple here, but business can be very complex.

I would really like to know what professions you guys are in and what you have going on.

Please text me. My number is (516) 864-9349. Let me know what you have going on and maybe I can offer a lending hand.


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