Notice how businesses are adapting. The ones who really bend over backwards with customer service are winning.

Amazon is crushing it because they are delivering for the consumer at the expense of their bottom line. They know that long term success with customer relationships is more important than short term profits. They are willing to sacrifice profitability several quarters out of the year for continued growth. And they are getting rewarded by it from shareholders and investors, with a rising stock and funding to boot.

Now, that’s a very tough thing for small businesses to do. If you don’t meet cash flow you are out of business, and most small businesses do not have the luxury of getting investor capital when profits are low or even negative. It’s hard enough to get bank loans when income statements don’t do you justice.

But you must compete!


By finding your X-Factor!

What do you do better than anyone?

There’s one thing!

You must define it.

Next, you must hustle harder consistently if you’re going to make it.

Can you take breaks? Absolutely!

But you need to find your winning edge by doing the little touches. At the Real Estate Company I work for, the owner of the firm sends out a hand written letter to every family that signs a listing agreement, regardless of the agent under the firm. He has 30 million dollar Listings he has to worry about and he’s worried about his agent’s listings. That’s why he has 30 million dollar listings lol. You must go above and beyond!

Find your little touches and don’t forget to do the small stuff for free – don’t turn your nose up at anything, because it leads to the sale. With that being said, you must make the sale. Don’t be afraid to close and don’t be afraid to take what you’re worth.

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