Hopefully you haven’t written me off just yet. Again, this post is not intended to offend anyone or to put my opinion as being better than yours. I’m merely trying to come to truth. I’ll reiterate…I touch on VERY uncomfortable issues that most people evade or give the politically correct answer and I do realize the other side of the coin can lend to more truth so I very well could be wrong here. I try to view it from both sides, however, and choose my stance only after I’ve considered the opposite argument.

Let’s break this open.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmond Burke

Here is the debate in regards to Caitlyn Jenner:

First opinion: Glorify the behavior of a sex operation, hormone injections, and cross-dressing to make someone feel more comfortable

In my opinion, a better approach to at least give a try: Provide proper counseling to help Bruce feel more comfortable as a man even though he has a strong feminine side and try to treat the root of the symptoms

I feel as if the minority voices are speaking on behalf of the entire world more so than what the majority is thinking. I think that’s precisely why Trump is being paid attention to as a legitimate presidential candidate. Truth cuts through everything! Truth is not pandering to beliefs that are false. Most good hearted people feel bad hurting someone else’s feelings. Could it be as simple as sitting Bruce/Caitlyn down and suggesting that they have a problem? There is a proper way to communicate that without hurting people’s feelings, but I know for a fact some people have thought about committing suicide in an attempt to feel significant. Very often, a man would rather lose his life than lose his pride/dignity. If someone could go through those lengths, because they aren’t respected, then could they go through the lengths of having a sex change to feel important?

The bottom line is this. Regardless if Bruce/Caitlyn feels more comfortable acting and looking like a woman, she will never be 100% woman. She will never be able to feel what a woman feels, produce a child, etc.

If that’s her intention, unfortunately, it will never become a complete reality for her. So will he/she ever truly be happy in his/her own skin even with a sex change and putting on makeup?

First, let’s listen to her speech.


THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DENYING THAT THIS IS COURAGEOUS AND BRAVE. This was truly a fantastic speech, first and foremost. Second, to come out and get ridiculed for doing what she did is not easy. Yes, she chose to do it but she believes it is for a greater cause and we have no idea what’s going on in her mind.

However, I believe it’s brave for something different than what she believes in. I believe it’s bravery to admit when you don’t think like everyone else and to seek help for it.

Here is where I stand. I repeat this over and over again. Everyone MUST be treated with 100% respect. We are ALL different and unique. However, glorifying an activity and bringing it into the public domain does something a little different. That’s where I believe society has falsely shifted. In every population, there will be outliers that fit outside of the standard mean. This is statistics.

Glorifying being a transgender is different than treating a transgender as equal. Moving the line towards the outliers is what is taking place.

We must not confuse murder or ridicule with the idea of this being morally right/wrong. To bring up the idea that Caitlyn speaking up could prevent someone murdering a transgender…well it might, but there are other ways to communicate that idea as well that are more effective while maintaining other fundamental principles. Murder is morally wrong. Ridiculing someone for their behavior is morally wrong. Plain and simple. End of discussion.

How come it’s not praised more that Russell Wilson told Ciara he would not have sex with her before marriage? Why don’t we give him an ESPY award for that? That’s not cool, huh?

I don’t care what you do behind closed doors. That’s your personal agenda and your inner relationship with the universe or G-d or however you view the relationship between human and nature. However, when you bring your personal agenda and you force other people to make choices on how to act about it, it’s a different situation. A baker just got fined $135,000 from the city for refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple because it was against his religious beliefs. Are those really the laws we want to have? To be forced to do something we don’t believe in?

I DO NOT know what he/she is feeling inside and I can assure you he/she is a tortured soul. It’s sad. However, I do believe there is a right way to act to be a complete human. In order to do this, you must tap into both sides of the feminine/masculine in you but with a sharp understanding that you must act in accordance to the gender G-d gave you. Like I say over and over again, we all have challenges in life. I believe this is one of Bruce’s/Caitlyn’s greater challenges where many of us, fortunately, will never know how hard it is to deal with.

The Zohar, which is one of the most religious texts, believes that if you are, for instance, gay and you fight it off, you move that much closer to G-d than if you never had that challenge to begin with. Whether that’s true or not, that’s tremendously powerful to understand.

I believe Bruce had much more of a feminine side (which is highly important for a man to be fully himself), but had to learn how to tap into the masculine side to be more comfortable with himself. Maybe if someone very skilled worked with him (i.e.- I do believe I could have helped if I was given the opportunity to work with him for a bit of time), it could help him feel comfort in feeling like a man. I can also assure you that hanging around the Kardashians and being thrown into reality TV DID NOT help the matter.

I believe learning is very real and the brain can change. I believe there are people who are absolutely addicted to heroine and live in pain everyday when they don’t take it.

What if Barry Bonds said, “I always worked out like an animal, but my weight would never go up beyond a certain weight. Why is that fair when someone else is born to be 240 pounds. I always felt uncomfortable being skinny. I believe I’m destined to be a big person.” That thought process is blasphemy though, right? The guy is banned from the Hall of Fame.

Is it really THAT different in terms of the concept of fighting off an urge?

That’s my belief though. You may disagree and that’s OK, because that will help me come to more truth since you are thinking accurate thoughts as well, but you cannot just dismiss what I am saying as completely false.

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