There’s a gap between what you are currently doing along which is entirely based on information you know, and the level above where you want to be. Focus on closing the gap. If you want to get promoted, you must act as if you have that job now. Take up some of those responsibilities because then you will be learning a different game. You must completely feel like you have mastered the current game you are playing before you can raise the game for yourself.

If we don’t feel like we belong in the next level because we don’t have the current level mastered, we are living life on the emergency brake. Releasing that emergency brake will come when you finalize the nitty gritty details. Even though we can sell a cabinet where the back isn’t finished because it’s facing the wall, you’ll know it’s there. That’s the important part. Completely master the game you’re at so you know it in your core that you deserve to advance. You’ll self sabotage your own results if you’re selling a bad piece of furniture.

Here’s very valuable advice. Once you learn information, you have it in your brain. You can’t unlearn it. Your boss has different information than you do. That’s why his standard is different to be at the job you want to have and he’s keeping it. If he didn’t belong, it will only be a matter of time before he loses it.

Your brain is going to look for different opportunities based on new information – it’s going to be playing a different game. Right now, view it as if you’re playing checkers. When you learn the game of chess, you’re going to be drawn to it and you’re going to stop wanting to play checkers because you mastered it. Then you become a master of chess and you ask for what’s next.


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