Comparison can be a destructive game.

Anytime we get our sense of happiness from comparing ourselves to other people, we set ourselves up for an eventual blow.

How many instagram followers do you have?
How much can you bench?
How much money do you make?

Here’s the thing…There’s always someone with more lol.
And even if you’re the best in the world in one category, you’re definitely not the best in the world at all categories.

So, you see how this could be destructive to yourself.

Whenever we place our happiness on a self-identity, we create a potential issue.

Eckhart Tolle mentions that ‘if you’re a great pianist, and all of the sudden you get arthritis, now you feel like your whole life has no meaning because you attached your purpose on this one thing’.

Now, pride is different than ego.
Pride comes down to a healthy self esteem.
Pride is expressed inwardly, ego is expressed outwardly.
The ego is a game of comparing yourself to other people, while pride is knowing your essence and what you’ve accomplished without the need to compare it to others. The essence of who you are can never be touched! So there’s no need to compare – it’s an aura that emits such a powerful energy when you get in touch with its’ roots.

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