Confidence and humility.

Merging these two is the most powerful version of you.

When you get angry, you probably feel incredibly powerful, but you’re experiencing a fury inside.
It can best be described as pain that you’re trying to manifest in the external.

How you act in these moments is critical.

You need to connect with this energy.
But you need to transform it to the light.

That whole Star Wars, light side, dark side, Jedi, Sith thing – that’s real.

Anger makes you out of control. Very powerful to get things done, but you hurt other people in the process.
Good souls don’t like to connect with anger.
But they also don’t tap into their power out of fear of going too far.

However, there’s a middle ground.
Meaning you act humble with the energy you have inside you.

You’re going to feel powerful and you’ll feel like you can take on the world and there are no consequences for what you do.
If you keep the energy but understand there are consequences for what you do, now you’re in a flow state.

The best thing that I’ve noticed to be able to get peak energy to pray to G-d that you stay in the high energy state, but it’s very much a test to see if you can do the right thing.
With this energy and power moving through you, can you do the right thing without guidance?
If you don’t do the right thing, you get humbled very quickly and the energy soon fades.
If you can, you’ll sustain the energy from within.

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