Had a deep conversation with my buddy Eli Wilde. He was the top sales guy in Tony Robbins’ company, and Tony said Eli is the most congruent person that’s ever worked for him.

Eli shared a video about congruency and explained it in depth. He is highly, highly congruent, so this is obviously something I wanted to listen in to. If you listen to Tony Robbins’ stuff, you know he’s huge into modeling. So is Eli. He was talking about how, in his search for finding himself, he stated that he would model people who had what he wanted – the power of influence, respect, etc. Eli went on to say that while two people may have wildly different actions, they may have the same “result” due to the concept of congruency, that he articulated very well. Eli gave the example a family man who leads a pretty moral life and made a stark comparison with someone who lived a rockstar lifestyle with drugs and a not-so righteous sexual life, but they both had power, fame, and fortune, because they were acting in their purpose. Eli understood the moral differences between the two and he mentioned that you have to be careful when modeling because “while it cuts through us, it could also cut us”, but he stated that congruency is what allowed for the similar result – they were being themselves.

This is what I shared with him after he shared that video:

“Always full of wisdom and sharp as a tack. You are especially congruent Eli. Purpose in all things.

In terms of your comparison between the two individuals – quite a dichotomy we see over and over again and it confuses many, especially youngsters – if an individual is experiencing physical rewards in the face of spiritual wrongs, there will be consequences they will have to face at some point – can’t evade universal laws. Something that changed my life forever and has changed many I tell it to, “Physical is temporary, spiritual is permanent.”

To further clarify, to become congruent, you need to reach a threshold of where your actions match the inner righteousness you’ve set out for yourself. The more righteous, the more you ultimately will be able to influence. The thing is that the more righteous you set out to be, the longer it takes and the more “right actions” it takes to become congruent.

This is why we see some people have success at 20 and others at 50.
It comes when in alignment, but if said individual wants to grow their tree branches out too early, the tree is probably not going to grow as tall as if you waited patiently to strike.

Comes back to purpose, like you said.

Some people will face harsher “judgment” than others for the same action though and that’s where it’s tricky, like in your recognition of one person leading a more moral life – again, purpose. If you’re destined for something, then the internal congruency needs to be in alignment with that landing point. Some choose physical destinations, others choose spiritual landing points, others choose a combination of the two.

Values, purpose, like you said. We do have to believe the values and purpose have deeper connotations to it on a moral objective standpoint, than just everything is a subjective playground.

Eli for the win!!”

Eli responded and said:

“This is amazing. Thank you for deepening my own clarity.”


I responded, in return:

“Took me a while to articulate it like this, when I recognized it for very very long. Funny how it works like that.

I’m doing good man! Thanks for asking.

Eli, I think you’re just getting started and I think your work with Tony paved the foundation for something really big that’s about to come, even though you had so much success already.
Can’t wait to see it.

And I love the double-edged sword bit – excellent the way you put that – “cuts through but could also cut us”, that’s some Winston Churchill wordsmith, right there man!

Tony teaches the Bruce Lee quote very well, “Absorb what is useful. Discard what is useless.” Very hard to do in practice, but we must, especially if we want to be connected, which in turn produces more truth.”


Eli responded:

“Absolutely. And thank you:-) Yes. This is the year. Dialing in the systems and marketing right now!! Hope to see you in LA sometime brother”


This is a deep conversation if you explore it. Peel back the onion layer. Read my passage a few times to really extract all of it that you need to today.

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