My dog Lexi had to be put to sleep this morning. Very upsetting. She was a mixed corgi/lab and was such an affectionate creature.

Here she was…poor thing:




If you think about it, dogs are placed here solely as companions. They can’t really take care of themselves. If you have a pet dog, you understand how incredible their intuition is. They almost understand what you’re thinking/feeling. When you are sick or in a fearful/anxious state, they sense it. They smell it. They are called nose brains and they have the capacity to smell your pheromones. They have enormous pain tolerances as well. Dogs suffer and they don’t cry about it or express their pain. It’s unbelievable.

Now this is interesting. A wolf and a dog come from the same lineage. One wags its’ tail when it looks you in the eye wheres a wolf can never truly be tamed. If it looks you in the eye, that means that you are about to get attacked. I find that absolutely fascinating.

National Geographic did a special on this where they said that the wolf, as much as you may want it to happen, will not bond with a human. The wolf will ALWAYS be independent. Dogs, on the other hand, bond easily with humans. They are one of the only species that will directly look a human in the eye AND understand facial expressions as well.

I believe that dogs are the bridge between animal and human. Jean Claude Van Damme said something interesting in a video once that stuck with me. He said “be careful of eating too much meat…anything with two eyes has a soul”. We’ve all heard the expression, eyes are the window to the soul. I do believe animals have souls and I believe dogs bridge that gap between pure carnal desire and righteousness. What wonderful creatures. The ones that turn on their owners usually come in the form of pitbulls and rottweilers. A lot of that is because of the negligence or mistreatment of owners, but I also have my own beliefs on that soul in terms of that level of righteousness.

Rest in Peace little Lexi.

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