This is interesting. Multiple people have come out to share their story about how they died, went somewhere, and then came back. Watch all 5 videos here:

The question here is this: Why do they all have a different story? Why do they all have different interpretations as to what happens if they did go to the afterlife and then come back to Earth?

This inevitably leads us to our next question. Are these people dreaming based on their beliefs (similar to a real life dream) or is there an objective afterlife?

Just like you can’t draw up a movie in your mind as vividly as when you dream while you are sleeping, it could be a similar thing here. There’s some talk about how the pineal gland, which is the most protected gland in your entire body, can project the feeling of an afterlife that’s timeless. The brain still stays active for several minutes after you are alive, but there would be no concept of time. So a few minutes could potentially feel like a lifetime.

If it’s objective, why isn’t it the same for everyone such as we are all greeted by G-d standing at the pearly gates? Why don’t they all share that experience?

I think the most credible sources are these two:


This was a doctor who was very scientific and trying to prove that it was his brain mustering up the dreamworld.


Reverend shares that dying is only the beginning

I try to take the useful from all and discard the useless from all. Yes, I do believe that all the pain we cause other people we do experience ourselves, but we also experience the happiness we caused others as well. There’s a net gain or loss. Whatever that net gain or loss is a byproduct of the “afterlife”. However, the pain is there to teach us a lesson. If we are remorseful of the pain we cause others in this life, then we won’t have to experience that pain because we learned from it to never do it again. It’s not enough to say sorry. Acknowledging your faults is better than not acknowledging, but it’s not mastery. You must feel it in your core that you moved on from that lesson and it’s time for a more advanced one.

I do believe that there is an objective reality. However, I am not certain that we experience that in the life directly after this.

My father has a patient who told my dad one time: “Your father says everything is alright”. My father never told her his father passed away. I know that mediums do exist that channel the energy from the spirit world to the physical world to communicate with both. Sounds spooky or that she’s a nut. My father, who is a dentist, looks at things with a scientific, logical mind, and is often skeptical of things that sound kooky, said to me “I mean, she’s not a crazy woman”.

Every few months when she comes in for an appointment, she says a phrase or two to my father about my grandfather. Just recently, she told him “He says you’re doing the right thing. He’s here with you and wants to let you know how proud he is of you.”

Fascinating stuff. I am certain there is a spirit world, that’s quite different from the physical world. I am not so certain as to the particulars of it.

One of the most interesting points to me is one man’s account where he said ‘I heard a voice within me that wasn’t male or female, but I knew it was G-d.’

Both the Kaballah and Free Masons believe that G-d has both a masculine and feminine energy.

This would feed into my theory that I’d love to share with you on my one on one coaching. Sign up at

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