Sometimes you have to go down to pick someone up.

Spiritually you have to downgrade yourself in order to build rapport with someone under you. Then, once you gain their trust, then you can bring them up the spiritual ladder.

If you just come from a place of looking down at their actions, they’ll just have their guard up. Even if you are right and they’re in the wrong, you won’t convince them.

The only way up is sometimes to play their game. Once you’re there with them, then you can gently sway them by expressing the pain they experience while they’re still at that level. Then, you can show them that by doing more of the right thing, there’s less pain.

This is why I believe that there are strip clubs and profanity filled rap music with disgusting lyrics. People get rich off of these things and I’ve always wondered and tried to wrap my head around the idea of immoral things and why it should be that way.

Well, if you think about it..People at a lower spiritual level don’t know any better. People are doing the best they can in life, usually. Sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war. Meaning, you believe in people and their souls to do good..So, sometimes you need to reward them of their ‘good’ behavior even if it’s interlaced with immoral behavior. If you’re too harsh on them for just recognizing their immoral behavior, then they’ll find life too difficult and they won’t do the right thing.

Bend, don’t break.
And know your moral compass and where you’re trying to sway them to.

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