You know that difference in mentality between the beginning of the game and the end when the score is close? That heightened sense of reality? That feeling when the game’s on the line? Every possession is magnified. You know you can’t turn the ball over. You know you have to take care of the ball like it’s your baby. Your intensity is that much more heightened.

It goes beyond the legs and it goes to the heart. Talent goes out the window – talent shows up in the first. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Talent is a head-start. That’s all it is.

Now it’s about your pride when you’re tired to push through. Most people give up, but the 4th quarter is when the game is won or lost. It doesn’t matter what the score was after 3 quarters. What the score is at the end of the game – that’s what matters. Most people pack it in before time is up.

This is the mentality you should be living in daily – like your back is against the wall. You have to be running from something! You are…it’s called time! Every day is a race because we all have an expiry date. You must exceed the blueprint you have inside you.

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