There is deep purpose behind everything. You might think that what your kid is saying is silly. You might think that the reason why trees have leaves is random. You might think grass is green just because. You might think that you don’t need to pay attention to something that the girl behind the counter says to her friend. Why do I use a black background and red and white font? Why are you drawn to psychology and learning about yourself? Why were you born in the state you were born in? Why do you have the parents you have? There is a reason behind absolutely everything. Pay attention to it all.

As Warren Buffet says, “You have the brainpower, now, you just need to develop the habits.”

Develop the habits of increasing your standard of life by attaching more meaning to everything. You do this by bringing your mind to it all during every waking hour in the day. You will get better and better as time goes along. Just stay hungry and curious for knowledge. You will be given bones based on your curiosity.

You might think all of this is meaningless, but life will attach whatever meaning you attach to life. If you think little things don’t matter, your slingshot doesn’t go back as far as mine does if I think that every little thing matters. Every conversation. Every word. Every sentence. Every meal. Every decision made by someone.


Because I use all those inputs in the moments that everyone knows is important and I’m more prepared.

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