I think this is important to use as a post and not just as a comment on one of my articles. One of the members said this in response to my article on gay marriage being legalized:

Of course marriage between any type of people/person should be legal, that’s what equality is and what America is based on.

I enjoyed your little article Jaret but I find it funny that you talk about children choosing to be gay like it’s a choice. The question is, IS IT REALLY? I’m not sure exactly where you stand on that but I can tell you that I personally know some gay guys that have so called girlfriends and kids but are obviously gay and then leave their women later for whatever reason and then some guys who would never want to be with a woman.

Are there some kids that might want to “try” being gay because they see it as “cool” I don’t know, maybe? maybe not. But maybe that’s where parenting also comes into play and maybe the issue isn’t as black and white as you think.

Maybe I don’t have as much empathy as I should or I’m too strict in my beliefs. I think he brings up some good points but this is my point of view:

The idea that you bring up about a gay person marrying someone and then leaving their spouse is correlation, not causation. Just because you know some people who were not upfront with their spouse about what was going on inside them, doesn’t mean that they cannot under any circumstances choose their way of life. I know many women who have experimented with other women not because they are gay but because they did want to see what it was like and they never do it again. First off, those people you mention should have never put their spouse and their children in that position. That’s why I stress the importance of having the uncomfortable conversations you don’t want to have. I think you are right about parenting! 100%! That’s why a well structured home is so important and I do believe this law eats at that fundamental concept which I will explain below.

What makes you so certain that it’s not a choice though Alan? As we know, where your focus goes, energy flows and grows like a flower. How do you know it wasn’t a fragment of an idea when they were young and they just kept thinking about it until it grew into something much bigger? Just like when someone knocks on your door, you can either invite them in or you can keep them out if they are a threat. If someone keeps justifying to themselves something in their mind, they will be more and more likely to act upon it.

Like I said, I believe it’s a 50/50 world. Some people will never be able to choose a different way (a distribution curve will prove this), however I would suggest that many are on the fence. I think we can agree that there are percentages of how strong the urges are within a person in terms of anything. While we aren’t all gay, we all have urges to do things that perhaps aren’t the way we should conduct ourselves. So those people who are on the fence, can they be influenced?

Perhaps this is one of the bigger challenges in life while they don’t have bigger challenges in other areas where you or I struggle in. I don’t want to get too religious on all of you people, but in the Zohar, for instance, it says that someone who is born gay but fights it off connects even closer to G-d than someone who didn’t have those urges in the first place. We all have challenges, although that seems like a pretty severe challenge. We don’t know how powerful any urge is in any person.

Now I don’t want to state that being gay is morally wrong, but as I said above, modifying children’s choices who otherwise would have been straight without the influence would be.

In terms of it being a legal right, not sure where in the constitution it says this is a right? For those of you who believe in separation of church and state, just take a brief look at the texts of the founding fathers where G-d is littered in all of their writings. Take a look at the back of our currency with the phrase “In G-d we trust”. This country was founded on Judeo-Christian fundamentals whether we want to believe it or not. People moved here from all over the world because America got something right in the way in which they created the country. I believe we are uprooting many of the principles that kept this country as a place for a more prosperous life without a guarantee. It’s easy to want to change laws to fit our lifestyles when we chose to live in the very country with those enacted laws.

Do you think we should pick and choose when to separate? While we have the freedom to practice whatever religion you want, a common thread woven is the idea of faith and that there is a G-d to answer to.

As Ivy mentioned, “as above, so below”. If we have parents, is it so hard to believe that the human race has a creator who wants everyone to progress to the idea of an ideal human being?

Like Brittany stated, just because someone has urges, it doesn’t necessarily make those urges right. A child will be influenced by the lines that you draw as a parent. If you do not believe in a higher power and truly think that your actions have no repercussions here, it will be very hard for me to explain in one conversation.

As Alex mentioned above, the children did not choose something so fundamental as to have two of the same-sex parents growing up. Two of the same-sex parents cannot reproduce, so that child necessarily must be brought into the world by a different figure. Now you are forcing the child to be brought into a different environment than his biological parents who did not reproduce in the marriage and who weren’t meant for each other. I do believe in a connection being a super important prerequisite to have a child together.

Obviously, we rather have a child in a home than without one, but those are not the only two alternatives in life. A well structured home from a man and a woman can most likely be considered absolute truth for the proper raising of a child. Of course there are plenty of great people who were born to same sex parents and from a single mother, but I’d suggest it’s not the recipe intended. The universe is based on laws, just like physics dictates that when I drop a bottle of beer out of my hands it will fall to the ground and crack. A man and a woman are the only ones that can reproduce as a unit and we each come with a unique set of hormones that feed into a yin/yang way of life.

Treating every human with 100% respect is the argument that I see in your text when you say that you value equality, which I 100% agree with you on. Like I said above, this is not about telling gay people who to love or denying them the ability to love. However, I believe it is being confused with a society that should draw lines in certain places rather than stating this is a union, which is often recognized by a Priest or a Rabbi using the words holy matrimony to seal it. I am also most concerned with the idea that this is a slippery slope which will keep eating at the constitution’s foundation. As Scalia said in his dissent, it was ruled two years ago that “regulation of domestic relations is an area that has been regarded as a virtually exclusive province of the States” by the same justices who just contradicted themselves. The whole idea is that the people are closer to the states and big government is more removed from the people and invites corruption.

Next, is a national police force.

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