This is an evolutionary process that I find happens a lot with my clients who are at a very high frequency. Once you have an awakening of some sorts (either from someone like me jumpstarting you or a critical life-changing event), you go on a spiritual journey where you get a ton of purpose in finding there’s more to life. The inner power picks up steam for a while, but then, you start losing energy. You eventually resent the world because you find less and less meaning in the small things when you’re comparing it to a higher power and a higher calling. Even when thinking of how big the universe is, you can get wrapped up in the idea that you are a tiny little ant.

Here is the idea. You must find G-d to understand a moral way of life but here’s the kicker…You must lose G-d at a certain point after you realize the world isn’t what it is.

I believe this is where most spiritual gurus go off the deep end. They don’t ever plug back into society and they remain in a bubble in which they are in a human form but try to act as a spiritual deity. They remove themselves and think that’s the right way of life. That’s why many shun the material world, living in huts/caves and requiring very little. I was there once. Perhaps many of you are now.

Do you think this is the life intended?

Do you think we are not supposed to have a nice house with air conditioning and a fancy car?

This world is all about people right?

Open your mind here a little. It requires more people to make and maintain a Ferrari than a bicycle.

Spiritual gurus completely miss the point.

A fancy car is a WORK OF ART. It speaks volumes about an idea of progression both in terms of quality of life and in terms of aesthetic beauty.

Here’s the thing to embody; make money, but you don’t let money make you. Distinct difference.

To think that the material world is evil is a farce. If you believe in G-d, you believe G-d created your desires, the material world, and the beauty to come along with it.

All you need to keep intact is the material world to fall IN LINE with your moral compass.

Therefore, you have to desensitize yourself to what’s important when you are on this spiritual journey. You need to plug yourself back in.

The movie The Matrix explained this eloquently. Being unplugged is actually a miserable life because you cannot be fully complete in this form when realizing the world is imperfect with corruption at every corner. Agents in suits and the machine world was a giant metaphor for government and corporations who control the people and squash anyone who tries to bring it down. Morpheus, an underground leader, couldn’t stand toe to toe with them.

Remember, Cypher wanted back into The Matrix permanently with his memory wiped because he prescribed by the mantra that “ignorance is bliss”.

Once you are unplugged, you can’t ever unlearn what you now know. However, they ALL plug back in to complete missions. You have to do the same.

You might find your current career meaningless when that happens. You must take passion in that career regardless of how small you think it is because it ultimately helps you with your higher purpose which required the material world in the first place.

I’m not sure what you believe in, but when we break it down, you must believe in one of three things:

1. This is a random event in which the material world is 100% reality.
2. You believe that this material world is designed by a higher power and you are living in a human form created by that higher power in reality or a simulation.
3. You chose to come here in this body at this time and this place which required you to take material form.

All 3 of those theories presuppose that the material world is vitally important.

Just like the movie The Matrix, when you really tap into your inner self and your connection with G-d, you realize the world isn’t what you once thought it was or what it’s made out to be. So you are plugged out and understand there is a bigger purpose. You also inherit a bigger purpose for yourself that you realize you have to accomplish. To get to that higher purpose however, you need to climb the steps by plugging back in the matrix. So I believe it goes like this.

We need to find G-d to understand he exists and our connection, but then lose G-d in a way to plug back in to find more purpose in life or else we question everything and think that little things don’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things. However, walk with this phrase: How you do anything speaks to how you do EVERYTHING.

So the idea is that on some level we chose to be here and we have a mission to fulfill here, so we must lose him similar to how he seems lost to us since we can’t see him. Wanting to get back to G-d requires us to be plugged in here and enjoy the material world in accordance with our virtues. So what’s the most important point. THE INTENT behind the material world. Is it of love or fear?

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