The days of selling with high pressure tactics are long gone. Now it’s time to implement more pull methods in your marketing.

As I’m sure you could look back on your internet buying days, you were probably much more likely to click on something, go to an order page and buy it.

You used to open your email and actually click links in there to sales pages.

Now, we naturally have our guard up. We are afraid to sign up for email newsletters because we are just “waiting for them to sell us”.

So the clever companies are winning. The ones who are telling their story in a meaningful way and are convincing you with social proof are really winning.

There is so much competition, that getting in front of someone’s face and telling them that you have a product just doesn’t really cut it anymore. Unless they are feeling acute symptoms, you have to be more clever than that. If your prospect knows what their exact problem is, then Google is great, because they are searching to fix an immediate issue they are faced with and they are probably more likely to be in a buying mood. When a car has trouble, we go to an auto mechanic, but most industries don’t fix problems in such an immediate way.

Understand your business model. Your business probably helps someone in a different way. If you own a gym, Your prospects don’t need to work out to get to work that day, so there’s a lot more pre-framing that has to go into the buying decision.

Most people do not know what their “problem” is and they are not in a buying mood from day 1 that they hear about you. So, the question is, how do you grab people’s attention, suck them in, and eventually get them into a buying mood?

Tell your story in a meaningful way and convince them with social proof over time that you’re the leader in the industry so that when they do recognize they have a problem, they come to you over anyone else. And get really good at sales through the concept of funnels.

Many people bought stocks over the phone when someone cold-called them (people still do, but the majority of business is not done that way anymore – stockbrokers have been largely driven out of that industry in that way).

Getting people to take a quiz or fill out a feedback form is a great way to get people to understand they do need your product and service. The best sales people exploit weaknesses in their prospect without actually tipping their cap to the prospect that they’re doing it. Getting your prospect to fill out a form is a great way to do this, because then they are the ones who say they need you as opposed to you trying to convince them.

Getting people to take action by clicking segmented buttons in an email campaign works well also.

I’m going to be building out a daily diagnosis machine that will automatically show you exactly what to do each and every day to move closer towards success, happiness, and fulfillment. This will be a huge lead magnet when I’m done with it.

Try to think of as many ways you can suck people in. Bring me in – I’ll help you!

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