You have to give your partner what she wants. What most people do is they give a person what they think the person wants. Huge difference.

If you’re giving the person what you think they want, you are most likely trying to twist what they want into what you really want. It happens most often, subtly, but it happens.

You have to find what she wants even if that hurts you!

If you conform what she wants to meet your ideals and thinking, then it will fall down soon enough.

You have to find a way to meet your partner’s needs, not so you could get a reward from it!

This is huge.

If you’re harping on what you did or even worse, hanging it over her head, then you’re giving ONLY to get something. Surface level giving.

Go deeper.

Make this personal, not a mere transaction. You must expose yourself.

Thinking what someone wants is using the front part of the brain. Searching for what they want is digging deep inside you and not closing off out of fear of pain, that they want something that hurts you. Go that far!

Please weigh in ladies!

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