Hey, so I haven’t posted in a few days.

I was listening to a talk the other day from a very, very great teacher who mentioned that if you are counseling, you have to be very cautious of giving advice, because if they heed your advice and it goes wrong, then it’s on you as well.

I think thats very powerful. It’s very important to have a filter in life and I think all of us coaches, teachers, consultants, and parents sometimes make the mistake of giving advice we shouldn’t be giving. It certainly doesn’t mean to never give advice, or never feel confident in your advice, but equally it’s important to feel and respect the fear of giving bad advice.

There’s always a fine line to walk throughout life!!

You’ll notice on coaching calls or on YouTube videos I post, that I sometimes catch myself mid sentence, or you’ll see me stutter often, or change direction. It’s because I’m catching myself from saying something that could potentially not be the best statement. Many times I stop myself from sharing information that makes sense, because I have an intuition that the client isn’t ready for it just yet or perhaps I haven’t really thought it through to gain the best understanding on it. I think we all say things we regret.

So, here’s to a dedication to really hone in on the right advice all around, for both you and me, to whoever we give it to!


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