What does it take to be famous nowadays?

A slow and steady climb to the top in a specific niche…or a piece of content (or multiple) that goes really viral, puts you on the map, and you have a tremendous system built out already to capitalize on the exposure.

If you don’t have the system built out and you’re not congruent enough to handle t, you’ll be a one hit wonder. You can still make plenty of money that way, but if you want to stay at the top for a while, you need a system.

For an actor, that means being phenomenal, getting discovered, and stay ready to take on the next film with the same fury.

If you’re a business it’s a bit different. It will require a great system in place, meaning you have a nice product line, you can handle the influx of requests when something really hits, you have the manufacturing and shipping on point, and you can scale up pretty easily without a slowdown. Most small businesses couldn’t handle ten million people discovering what they do, all in one day.

This is is why many investors tell companies to slow their growth – they don’t want to ruin the reputation they’ve built for themselves.

Eric Thomas largely got mainstream by a video that went viral – succeed as bad as you wanna breathe. But he was built up enough to capitalize on it. Most people could not. They would crumble – they wouldn’t have the guts to press forward and they wouldn’t have the system built to know how to actually monetize off of that initial exposure.

If someone knows of you, do you collect their information? How do you market your info to them? Do you get them to buy something? Do you get them to ladder up? Do you get them to stay focused on you?

These are all concepts we need to master.

It does all start with exposure though and most people who are winning aren’t just putting up how to videos or content providing technical information.

…They are showing you a life that you want to live.

It’s not what they’re saying.
It’s what they are doing.

Huge distinction.
I will save you years of trial and error!

Gary Vaynerchuk is showing you life as a media mogul, running a business empire.

He’s not just giving business advice. He’s bringing famous people in for interviews, he’s showing you his keynotes, he’s showing you meetings with high level corporations.

Tony Robbins puts on one of the greatest concerts and is showing you the life of the best motivational speaker in the world.

As good as his advice is, people aren’t coming to hear a lecture for four 12 hour days.

They want an experience!!!

And if you put out videos on YouTube, you have to give them an experience. Something where they immerse themselves in a new reality.

Now, do you have to wait until you have enough money to pay celebrities and do things quite at the level some of these media stars are..no. But you do have to suck people into your world from a place of looking up to you as someone who possesses something they themselves want.

How do you give people an experience to suck them into your world? Here’s how to get customers for life and position yourself as elite – get customers to think it’s cool to do business with you.

Think about Las Vegas. The best hotels are the ones who make you feel special. Like you’re a true VIP. Steve Wynn tapped into this power with his hotels.

The Mirage, then the Bellagio, now the Wynn and Encore.

He knows the power of customer retention – make people feel special!

So why don’t how-to videos go viral, even if it’s amazing advice?
Because the barriers of entry are so low.
Anyone can do it. Anyone can write a blog post or put up a video.
And even if it’s the best advice in the world, first off, it’s just an opinion, at the end of the day. That opinion can be truth, but it will take time for your listener to verify that truth and then you’ll have to hope that they somehow relate it back to you being the one who unlocked the truth within them.

There are a few people who have gone viral based on how-to videos alone such as Elliot Hulse and The Hodge Twins.

Elliot Hulse is a tremendous presence. Great speaker. Great advice. The Hodge Twins are very entertaining and they have something very rare going for them – they are twins who both have dynamic personalities.


Why are movies with good scripts so popular?
Think Star Wars
You subconsciously learn while you escape your reality in an alternate world.

Odds are if you get on YouTube or create a blog, you might not have that same level of engagement, but you have other gifts. You might be funny, you might be beautiful, you might have an adorable son, you might have the cutest dog, you might have something that you’re sitting on that is gold. It’s most likely located within your personality though.

Tap into it to find out how to entertain with your info that you want to deliver!!!

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