I want to wish you all a happy holiday and a terrific new year!

A tidbit I want to leave you with.

What is the secret to life?

Are people who don’t need that much, happy? Are the ones who are satisfied and content with simplicity, the ones who are happy?

Or are people who strive for more and constantly achieve happy?


You need to grow and you need to be content with your lot.


Everything either grows or dies.

Stagnation eventually leads to contamination.
Bacteria will overtake a stagnant pond.

Every species will get overtaken by a species that wants to grow.

Key word: want.

The key is to want to grow. But to be able to desensitize yourself to appreciate little things.

Eventually if you go extended periods of time without expanding, you’re going to eventually experience a form of depression and/or regret. On the other side of the coin, if you constantly achieve but you can’t see the glass half full, you’ll constantly be stressed and unhappy.

So here’s to growing in all aspects and arenas. Growing your career, your family life, your physical wellbeing, your emotional grit and mental toughness, your spirituality, growing your personal life, and everything else you can think of.

And here’s to desensitizing yourself to make sure you enjoy what you have in front of your face and your growth!

Happy holidays to you and your family!!!

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