Let’s explore the concept of heaven and hell.

There are degrees of good and evil.

Therefore, is it logical to think that there is a cutoff line for heaven and hell?

Would Mother Theresa be in the same place with people who just did enough to cross the threshold? Would a person who stole from the grocery store one time be in the same place as a Hitler?

I believe G-d is a fair G-d, where you are subtly rewarded for every good thing you do and not necessarily punished, but taught a lesson in a subtle way for every bad thing you do, by receiving the same sort of pain unless you truly received the lesson through deep reflection.

Everything is a matter of vibration and transfer of energy. Even dead corpses are vibrating. They are disintegrating, therefore, there is motion.

Everything that’s physical is temporary. Spiritual is permanent.

Some people get that confused to think that the physical is useless. Wrong! Your life is temporary. Do you think that’s useless? Once you get past your 20’s and realize you are no longer invincible you treat life as if it were precious because it is.

Your body is physical and it is precious! The physical is here so your spirit can interact with the world and without the physical you couldn’t interact.

Whatever the energy is that’s left off, I believe that’s where you start off in your next life. Just like when water goes into the clouds, it comes back down again as water.

I believe there’s a recycling process like the clouds and we are living and dying until we get this right, master the human form, and elevate our consciousness to a different being.

I believe G-d is like a loving father who has mastered this life. He rather you learn how to live and progress than necessarily believe in him. Through that process though, you’ll ultimately realize that you have a creator.

If you believe in an omnipotent being, then that being has mastered the art of compassion and giving without expecting anything in return for it. As we keep progressing, we understand it. Just like we reflect back and say our parents were right but I was a stubborn kid who didn’t want to listen.

But who doesn’t love praise? Of course it’s got to be appreciated it just like we appreciate it when someone does it for us. “As above so below”.

I try to research as much as possible to come to the conclusion of what I’m thinking is right.

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