My mission is to give you nutrition for your brain so you can become a high performance individual. I want to give you the keys to the toolbox to be able to live this life.

I believe we can break life up into 5 generalized parts:

1) Emotional Strength – how well do you master your emotions? My job is to help you reframe challenges to take positive action as opposed to living with anxiety, stress, etc. I will help you explore your psychology here and give you action steps to eliminate these negative emotions that you currently experience. Life is a gravel road, so we need to equip you to be a tank on that gravel road, so you don’t feel life’s challenges.

2) Physical Health – you’ve got one place to live. You have to treat this like a temple. That’s why we need to get you eating right and training right. I will be posting my diet regimen and training log so you can follow along.

3) Influential & Relationship Impact – You obviously want to be a leader. I want you to be an alpha, who is not nervously trying to get people to follow, but who commands attention without effort. Wolves and lions in a pack don’t discuss who the leader is, they know who he/she is with one look. It’s a state of certainty that you inject in the uncertainty. I will help you be able to influence people more effectively including your family, friends, co-workers, employees, and strangers so you can have a massive effect on the world.

4) Business Acumen – You better learn to make a lot of money. Money is not the root of all evil. It’s the number one tool we have that creates more choices for us. It allows us more opportunities to do what we want to do. I will teach you how to be better at business and increase your financial wealth.

5) Higher Level Thinking – Here I will delve into higher level thinking topics and help us understand the way the world works. The Albert Einstein’s and Leonardo da Vinci’s of the world saw it from a different perspective. They viewed life from a different vantage point because they progressed so much that they were of a higher level of consciousness. My idea is to jumpstart you to think on a higher level with me and to form a Mastermind group so we can arrive at real truth. I want you to be a Renaissance Man/Woman. Let’s raise your level of consciousness.

Follow along every day as part of your mentorship to become high performance!

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