So a client asked me the other day what the true difference is between those who are really great and those who aren’t.

The best answer I could give was that the ones who are truly great are living within their purpose, and they’re just being who they were designed to be.

It’s not hard work alone. There’s lots of people  who work their butt off and don’t see results.
It’s not smarts alone. There’s lots of smart people who aren’t where they want to be.
It isn’t a combination of those two. I’m sure you know people who are hard working and smart who don’t see the results they’re truly yearning for.

You have a unique DNA. It will never be duplicated. Once you understand that, and most importantly, access it, then you can truly be yourself and be great.

Bruce Lee, said life is more about elimination than accumulation. I think that’s true.

I think we have to shed the ego and what we’ve been socially conditioned to want, and reveal what’s already inside.

When you operate from your ethos and your soul, then you truly are great, and other people recognize your greatness as well, because it’s pure. It’s who you were designed to be.

Now, that doesn’t mean all great people are celebrities, and that you’re only great if you are recognized in the limelight.

Greatness occurs when you are manifesting on the external what your internal truly desires.

To really understand who you are, I recommend watching The Basics of Life Video Course I put together and then moving on to the Higher Consciousness Video Course, so you really live by the phrase ‘Know Thyself’.

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