Here are the best practices for getting a response through email

Instead of having your employees send out blast emails, from a support or marketing email address, you should reach out to them directly. Focus on the few instead of thinking about how you have to send out thousands of emails to gain business.

If you want an investment, the best way is if you directly reach out to vc’s and angels, by sending them a personalized message.

The top paragraph should be about them and their company to know it’s not a blast email. Show that you did some research about their company and chose them.

“I saw your interview on ____. Loved how you spoke about ____. I saw you invested in ____. Great company.

Let me tell you a little bit about us. We are a ______ brand that sells ______. We took the ______ approach and catered it specifically to the ______ market where we have felt they have been neglected.

(And then you can include some stats – profit, social media stats, etc.)

We are looking for funding to really take advantage of the fan base we’ve built over the last decade.

You can take a look at our pitch deck here.

If this is something you have any interest in, please email/message me back and we can schedule a time for me and my business partner to be able to hop on a call and explain how exactly we can work together.

Look forward to potentially hearing back from you.”

Keep it short and sweet, and ask if they have interest so you don’t seem pushy

If they see a generic blast email they’ll ignore it

Also best practices is to link the pitch deck or whatever you’re trying to show, not to attach it.

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