There’s a fine-line between pushing out content that has a natural tendency to go viral and informative content that helps people grow as better human beings – whether it’s through putting them through your workshop, a math class, or some new scientific discovery you just made.

Here’s the golden nugget to “crack the code”, so to speak.

A video on string theory is not going to get as many likes as a girl in a bikini.
For someone who dedicates their life to science, that’s frustrating.
But this is the world we live in.

Your content needs to be entertaining, while it relates to the average person, AND appeals to their emotions.

If your content has all 3 of these components, your content will go viral, regardless of whether it’s informative or not, whether it helps someone grow into a better human being, or not.

But what do you want to be known for? What do you want to be remember for?

If you want to be respected as a brand that administers great information, you need those how-to’s. But you make the how-to’s entertaining, emotional, and you dumb it down so that the average person can “get it”. The average person doesn’t really care about the intricacies of string theory, in reality…but the average person isn’t stupid, people do want to grow and be better…they do care about how string theory can help their life.

It’s not that your industry is boring, or there’s too much noise. It’s that you have to stand out.

Greatness usually stands out.

Here’s my philosophy.

You can put out a goofy piece of content that will get 1 million likes, but then what’s your next play?

If a legitimate company that does have money wants to do business with you or invest in you, they’re not stupid – they can look at your page and see a goofy picture going viral, but then an informative video not going so viral, so they’ll think about how your engagement actually responds to a product that they want to sell.

They’re not dumb to be fooled so easily, right?
So the only solution is hard work to create informative stuff that is so entertaining and so well done, people have no choice but to stop what they’re doing and listen/watch.

So you and me, just need to do a better job putting out stuff that actually goes viral that speaks to the premise behind your brand at the same time…the way you want to be known as the best in the world at your industry in terms of content and products.

There’s always a balance between getting likes and selling your product and what we do. I know it’s tough to balance that. And you’re doing a good job.

I know it’s not easy to post great content that goes viral, especially if, as a small business owner, you don’t have the budget to create it organically, and keep people engaged to grow your channels.

Take a look at some great brands on social media:
Gary Vaynerchuk on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube
TedX on YouTube
Goalcast on Facebook
And people give their attention for 20 minutes +

Legitimate content that gets a ton of interaction and talk – you might not be those brands obviously, but if you want to be a big brand you do have to start growing that way first.

Obviously you know Tom vs Time – amazing stuff. It’s obviously Tom freakin Brady so everyone is interested, but the quality of it is outrageously good. You might not have access now to high level people like that but you just need to put out great content. You’d be surprised at how you can leverage celebrities with a little bit of cash or asking for permission to use the clips they have rights to.

Group marketing on Facebook is working very well now because you get your audience to share content for you. We have over 50,000 people in Fitness Enthusiasts!

For example, I am working on more content I can put out that’s organic, that was similar to my roots – MP3 speeches, sports commercials, etc. I am also directing our Muscle Prodigy athletes to create some more engaging, better stuff that’s a little bit more entertaining everywhere that speak to our brand image.

Goofy stuff has a tendency to go viral. But there is a lot of content that goes viral that isn’t inappropriate at all. Just try to replicate that.

If something is iffy and you have a feeling like maybe this will go viral but maybe its not the “best” post for brand image, my advice to you is to find something a little better to post.

LeBron made, in reality, one poor move that really tainted the way people look at him – going on tv to make a public display of leaving the Cleveland cavaliers, and he didnt even do something that wrong or curse or anything – that he is still facing a negative image for – high level people and media are hypercritical of anything that may have wrong intentions behind it. So one thing here and there could ultimately hurt an image for a long time and what you’re trying to be known for in terms of legacy.

As you grow in size, you also have to worry about the personal image of the employees under you.

The best brands really have great control over administering appropriate stuff – whether its commercials they run, and every word uttered out of their representatives. When a reporter on ESPN says something out of line, they get suspended from the network and have to administer a public apology.

I mean, as a business owner, I have to be careful of my staff not saying something stupid on their personal channels that my brands could then be in trouble we grow, this is something we need to take care of more and more, for instance. Image is highly important. Keep doing a good job and managing it as best you can.

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