Growing doesn’t mean getting smarter with cynicism.

It means doing the right thing.

So it’s not just about absorbing personal development content, but those are just signals for how to do the right thing. When someone says “give without expectation” , and the philosophy makes sense, now you have to apply it in practice. That means doing it in business transactions. That means doing it at home and in family life. This means to start doing it to people you hate. And the key to doing it properly, is to literally do it for nothing other than it being the right thing to do…not so you can get a reward out of it, as funny as it sounds. That last one sounds tough, but it won’t truly be a part of you unless you can go to that level. Now, that’s quite intense and not for everybody, but if you feel like your soul and destiny demand that from you – then, hey that’s where you have to go to be complete.

Its about recognizing where all the faulty thought patterns are. So when you hear advice that says “don’t be negative”, and it sounds good, you’ll start to think you’re not negative, but you’ll notice other people are. Meanwhile, you thinking negatively about those few other people is you being negative in that moment lol. Do you see the vicious cycle?

We do this in our thoughts even more so internally. We think we are being smart and sly, but in reality we are puffing ourselves up at the prospect or pushing others down. “I’m the most positive person in the world”. And others aren’t?, I say to myself.

I once said in a video ‘all that exists is law, everything else is a matter of perspective’.  When you follow the law, you get rewarded. If you don’t, you get ‘spiritually demoted’ , especially if you don’t recognize the wrong yourself. Now everyone has a different set of the complete laws to follow (in this lifetime), most likely. Some have it “harsher” than others, only probably because their soul has manifested that set of laws to bring them to where they need to be to feel complete.

Let me break this down in laymen’s terms. A reality television host may very well be living out her purpose, and it may seem like they’re getting rewarded for doing things that you internally cannot do because you know those actions may not be moral. However, the tests that you have to pass may or may not be the tests that they have to.

Hopefully that clarified things better.

At every moment you are tested with what the right thing to do is. If you don’t follow it, there will be consequence. If you do, there will be a reward. So all you can trust is the internal guiding voices that are trying to get you to do the right thing.

Now sometimes it’s tricky. Some tests are very hard.

Sometimes we get enormous energy and power in our bodies. But it’s almost like being disconnected a little from a higher power (disconnected means we are no longer receiving information we normally do, and that means we are attaching to our bodies who is the current version of us). That guiding voice is less intense. This very much is a test to see if you’ll do the right thing without guidance. I’ve come to understand that who you really are shows up in moments of strife in social interactions. It’s much easier to know the right thing to do in your private time. So it’s imperative you remind yourself that the tests will come.

So use those tests as opportunities to do the right thing and connect more to the light.

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