There’s something powerful that’s noted on Yom Kippur.
It is the holiest day of the Jewish year.
This is where G-d atones us for our sins, so this is why we fast a full 24 hours. No food or drink, no shower, no leather shoes, so we can humble ourselves down to practically nothing and realize G-d has all the power.
However, G-d specifically states that this will not atone us for sins where we did wrong to someone else…only with our covenant with G-d.
If we want to be forgiven for sins committed against other people, we have to apologize directly to the person who we hurt.

If you wronged someone…

You need to search for the decision you made to wrong them.
There might have been several of them.
But there were key moments where you made up in your mind that you didn’t care anymore or where you deliberately broke off from your true self.
You need to spiritually apologize profusely to until you can forgive yourself.
Then, you need to apologize in person as well.

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