A very bright kid who is a member of this site reached out to me via email (I’ll keep him anonymous) and brought up something very interesting that I’d like to elaborate on. He basically said that nothing is a limitation and “whether ‘science fiction’ is actually fiction or is actually factual has just not yet been discovered in my opinion.”

I love where he’s going with this. Is anything truly possible?

We think science fiction is far-fetched, but all ideas come from something. Nothing is just made up. Star Wars is an elaborate version of many bible stories. Most movies and books are wrote on historical events or future events based out of fear or love (what-ifs). Take a look at a movie like The Matrix. There are several interpretations but it’s a basic truth we face in our reality right now; that we are plugged in as work slaves to government and corporations (i.e.- machines/programs/agents in suits). We are controlled by a hierarchy that’s more powerful as a system. As I was telling one of my clients, you have to remove yourself from the world (take the pill) but then be a part of it (jack back in) to accomplish what you want to and need to. I will elaborate that concept in another post, but let’s explore the idea of whether a movie like The Matrix is real or is fiction.

Perhaps it could be real considering they have done scientific studies where they do believe in all likelihood this is a simulation, but it also might not be.

ALL IDEAS come from somewhere, but we ALSO have an imagination to distort reality that’s not from our creator. That’s what allows us choice. The opposite of truth is false. We have the option to choose false. This is where you get some whacky thinking – I’d suggest that a lot of celebrities go down this sort of path where they have reached a level of assertion in the universe and come from a place of trying to manipulate mechanics – they in essence believe they are bigger than a G-d or have little repercussions based on their thoughts/behaviors.

I always suggest to do these three things when thinking if something is truth are not (i.e. – when someone talks about something that makes you uncomfortable such as if there was a war on Mars or if the moon is really occupied by aliens).

First, understand that there’s MUCH of what you don’t know. Second, you must remove your ego to understand that not everything you’ve been taught or were brought up into is truth! Third, reflect the ideas back to a divine presence and see if they feel like they make sense – when I say feel, literally the feeling you get inside.

Truth is truth is truth and usually the pure truth feels comfortable inside all people. However, many people don’t articulate it properly. They articulate PARTS of the truth but never the whole thing. This is why most people get offended easily. This is why some people like a video of someone screaming that fat people have themselves to blame and should get in shape (these people are focusing on personal responsibility and people should lose weight – correct – people should take care of their health) while others think what he’s saying is disgusting (these people focus on the way he’s articulating it – correct – he’s communicating his message poorly by offending people). Truth lies in the middle of all arguments by taking the bits and pieces from each…see?

We don’t teach people anything new in my opinion. Conversations can ONLY unlock what you know inside you when you’re ready. It’s near impossible to change someone’s core beliefs, especially in a few conversations. Here’s the kicker though. You have beliefs that are completely mixed up! You can think there’s some aspect of your thinking or religion that is true, but it MIGHT not be true and you believing in it more doesn’t make it more true (not suggesting atheism or for you not to believe in your religion, but perhaps to find the truth in WHAT you believe in as opposed to dogma).

2 + 2 = 4. I can believe my reality is 5, but my reality is wrong.

So here’s the thing. You have to have an open mind but keep that in alignment with your core beliefs (which are there for a reason) and connect them back to a divine presence.

When you have an open mind but don’t connect it back to a divine presence, you head off the rails and start doing morally wrong things.

Technology advances society, but it can be used for good and evil. Robots can help us be more efficient, but they can also become self-aware and go SkyNet on us. Like I say, a smartphone can be used for learning astronomy or watching porn. One is righteous and another isn’t. Whatever technology we come up with, it will advance us and also set us back. The more good we have, the more evil we have.

As you saw in the Matrix, the stronger Neo got, the stronger Agent Smith got, demonstrating polar opposite forces creating the balance and restoring order. Neo had to destroy himself to destroy Smith. So using that analogy, that technology would really have to be eliminated altogether to eliminate the evil. However, I do believe you can fight off evil and sway it more towards good since we do have free choice. At the end of The Matrix, this is exactly what Neo says to Agent Smith when he asks him “Why Mr. Anderson? Why, why, why do you still persist?”. Neo says “Because I choose to”. He’s fighting for the CONCEPT of choice and knows that it’s a better way of life than destiny.

This is dense and deep. I’m losing myself a little lol. Hopefully you’re still with me.

Now, perhaps everything COULD be true. Envision Jurassic Park meets Star Wars meets Avatar.

Let’s consider this. We know that gravity exists, right? I can believe that there’s no such thing as gravity in this sphere. I can start a movement that says we are the anti-gravity movement and we don’t believe it. You’d probably think I’m a whacko and rightfully so. The universe has natural laws. Can those be broken is the question?

Perhaps I might be able to manipulate matter so it doesn’t have the same effects from gravity, but the law will still exist – I’m just finding a way to bypass it. Now here’s the point I’m trying to drive home. How was it bypassed? Will you EVER be judged on how that was bypassed?

If any law (physical law which I believe was set up by a spiritual creator who is an omnipotent force of intelligence and good) is manipulated, it will be conducted through means of being morally right or wrong. There’s a morally righteous way of advancement and a morally wrong way of advancement.

What do I mean by morally right or wrong? Well, my test is if it hinders someone else’s choice, it’s morally wrong. Therefore, you must focus on the intent and feeling you have inside you.

If you believe we are on an endless timeline and there’s no higher power and no consequence, yes, then anything and everything will exist. However, if you believe in a higher power who is of good, then when will you be judged on that righteousness? I don’t know when it is, but it would have to come sooner than the timeline ends.

If we are judged by good and evil, than that means that the evil cannot get to a certain point without it being put to a halt, whether that’s through intervention or destruction.

I cannot bypass laws to experience the pleasure without feeling the opposite of that in pain. So if we strive for pure joy, it will necessarily be met with pure agony.

For instance, if I manipulate mechanics to have sex with random women who I know I have no intention of being with, there is no way I can evade the law of experiencing that equal and opposite reaction in the form of pain because I’ve progressed enough to know it’s wrong.

So if you stay within the laws, then that means that the laws present the boundaries of truth. Therefore, there must be a finite reality that exists. The bounds of that are beyond anything we’ve come close to seeing but it still exists at some level to deny the idea that ANYTHING is a possible reality.

So I conclude with this. If the CHOICE is made to progress within the laws set up, then anything is possible, but only within the confines of those laws. However, it can most likely never progress to a certain point where anything is possible due to a possible destruction, at least in this sphere with these laws and rules in place.

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