I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “content is king”.

Is it true?

No doubt, if you want to be relevant, you need presence. Constantly. However, quality content will trump quantity any day.

It’s very easy to put out nonsense, but to put out high quality content does take some time and it’s worth it.

Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone are big proponents of speed! Document over create.

That’s great advice. You need to work hard. You need to hustle and work fast, and you can’t be caught up in your head so much of being afraid of what other people will think.

However, mass quantity of content alone isn’t going to get you famous or recognized for what you do or paid $10,000s for a speaking gig.

There’s so many blogs out there with thousands of articles that you’ve never heard on. So many people have hundreds of YouTube videos with a few thousand subscribers.

You couldn’t even consume all that content in a lifetime with everything else you have going on.

What makes someone famous?

They change your state. They help you escape your reality.

They give you hope on what a better life could look like for you.

As Bruce Lee said, all knowledge is self knowledge.

Content can be either an asset or a liability. Some content can be very damaging.

Just take a look at some of the people in the news lately with their scandals. They wish more than anything that content was deleted.

Content can either make you look great or bad. Put out great content! Spend time on it – not too much time, but just enough where you pay attention to detail.

However, congruency is what is winning in today’s times.

Are you like that all the time? Or is it just a pose for instagram?

Soon enough, people will know pretty much everything about us. Transparency is the new age and people recognize if you’re faking it.

Privacy is something we all should value (time, place, and manner – and things will be corrected eventually), however the pendulum is swinging completely the other way. But the fact remains you have to be in public who you are in private, without deception.

Put out great content that makes people escape their reality. I’ll go into more depth on this with another Mastermind post in terms of what’s really going viral nowadays.

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