Many business leaders believe that social media and text are the new cold calls.
The fact is you have to have better and better marketing tactics than even those two to really stand out nowadays.
But the cold call is not dead!!!

When some telemarketer calls us…let’s face it…we feel bothered.
But there are other times where they’re pitching you something you really need (lol) and if you’re still pissed off because someone called you on your time, you actually miss a pretty good opportunity.

As Dan Pena once said (in far more colorful language), sales pretty much only come from the phone. You gotta pitch!
I know from personal experience, most of the clients I’ve worked with 1 on 1, I’ve spoken with beforehand. Now it’s different for every industry. With my health and fitness brand Muscle Prodigy, almost all the sales we make are online, but we still have a sales rep who hits the phones every day hard. Most customers want “the link” sent to them and don’t like giving their credit card over the phone. If you’re really good at sales, you can convince them, but the idea is that people want the power!
But the distinction here is these are warm leads…and that’s why the calls work!

Every lead is a warm lead, not a cold lead.

Real cold calling would be picking a random number from a phone book and knowing absolutely nothing about John Doe.

Odds are, your company has some kind of list where the people are pre-qualified, or expressed interest in either your company or a crossover industry to give you a cue that they might be interested in the product you pitch.

Cold calls work, but they are becoming less and less effective, because people want to express interest on their own time. This also comes down to a deep, fundamental concept of choice – people want to choose who they work with, and when you call them, they feel like their choice has been taken away from them. They might sign up with you when pressured, but you might just leave a bad taste in their mouth to not want to do business with you long-term. They might constantly have their guard up the whole time and wait for one thing to go wrong to say “cancel my subscription”. Who knows what I’m talking about?

The bottom line is, you need to have a system where you’re generating very warm leads from the internet.

Social works very well to do this, but there are other ways to achieve this as well. I know several people who have more success with direct media buys than Facebook. Personally, I’ve seen very good success with Facebook with certain products and poor results with other products. Find out what works by doing lots of tests. Different graphics, different copy, different landing pages, different calls to action (quizzes, order pages, videos, pdfs, free assessment, etc.)

Then, once you have people opting in, you should have a sales team banging the phones as soon as the lead comes in.

Sometimes the pendulum swings too far in the sense that companies think they can generate all their sales online. Becoming a deca-millionaire or billionaire by having an online business isn’t as common as we think. Almost every company that does really, really well that you can think of has a great professional sales team. Oracle, Salesforce, ADP, Microsoft, Google, Cisco, etc.

I recommend a sales team that’s not so high pressure, but provides a ton of value on the call…but you do need to be persistent. Or you’ll do the legwork convincing why your service is beneficial for them, but while they mull it over, they’ll go with the very next company who calls them and pitches them that similar product or service. So you did the heavy lifting, and the competitor came in for the sale. Nod if this has ever happened to you! I know it has with me.

To sell a consumer, you have to think of your own consumer behavior.

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