People have been dreaming of living an endless life and avoiding the inevitable moment of death since the start of times. Despite the advances in the area of medical science, this wish has not yet come true. Nevertheless, people’s efforts in this field have not been put aside which is evident from the fact that in 2013, the global anti-aging industry was crossing $122 billion and the rate of growth is rising every year![1]

Let’s take a brief look at an overview of ensuring our life longevity.


Physical Care

These are the golden words of the renowned thought leader, Jim Rohn: “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” And this point can’t be driven home any better than this. If you want a long life, you have to take great care of your body – no matter what.
Diet – Stay conscious of every single thing that goes down your throat. If you want a healthy life, avoid unhealthy foods, no matter how good they taste – instead, indulge yourself in nature’s fresh sources of food like vegetables, fruits and nuts. Stay as far as possible from processed and junk foods. And very importantly, any type of addiction, be it alcohol, tobacco or any other substance, is going to shear off some good years from your life – beware!

Workout – It goes without saying that even light exercise, when done regularly, offers benefits that will require a lot more than just an article to elaborate on. In addition to working out regularly, you should also adopt an active lifestyle and stay on the move during the entire day by avoiding long bouts of slouching in your chair at work or in front of that television screen with Netflix playing.

Rest – It is also very important to take proper rest to charge up your battery. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s latest research [2], adults ranging from 26 to 64 years of age should sleep at least 7 hours in a day. You should also insert a less-than 45-minute napping window in your daily routine, ideally around the lunch time. This will give you a power boost without inducing sleep inertia – that awful grogginess we have in the morning.


Psychological Care

Since all our bodily functions are governed by our mind, you cannot ignore to take care of it if you want a healthy and long life. Stress is the biggest psychological health buster of all. Avoid stressful situations at all costs and try to adjust your attitude so that you don’t overthink petty issues which aren’t worth a second thought. You should also stay positive in all sorts of situations to keep stress at bay.


Spiritual Care

We human beings are more than meets the eye. Our body is just a part of our complex existence – and energy is a vital part of it. There is a theory out there which states that our energy structure regulates all our life’s matters and any blockage in our energy flow manifests in the shape of physical and mental illnesses.

Meditation, in all its forms, is a great way to keep yourself balanced at all levels, so try to make it a habit of meditating for at least a few minutes every day, whether it be in the form of mindful meditation with legs crossed sitting Indian-style, or simply walking along the beach with a quiet mind.

The time that you have here, if spent in good health, can go a long way in letting you fulfill your goals and leave a legacy for others to follow.




[1] Report by Transparency Market Research



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