A big part of your growth will be understanding the difference between lust and love. The media has conformed much of the way we think and conduct ourselves. Part of that movement has been to socially condition you to want sex.

Sex sells as the old saying goes. Yes, it certainly does. However, you must understand this universe is built on laws. It’s built on a system of light and energy.

There’s false light or darkness which is an ego construct or an identity based on impurity and there’s positive light which is a pureness.

There’s negative energy in this world and positive energy. Lust is a negative form of energy that keeps you in a fear based frequency. Not only does it destroy relationships and the construct of societal foundations such as having well structured homes, you can never find happiness in that state.

I used to be in a game of sleeping with women. Only after I was awakened did I understand that I was in a race of significance. You look for better looking and better looking women and you try to increase your number.

You are supposed to have an alpha mentality in terms of the way you hold yourself but not in a sense of trying to conquer women. We look up to a James Bond type figure who gets his pick at any woman he wants. Successful people have their stuff together and those qualities are what people look up to, but we falsely associate the idea of sleeping around with giving us those qualities.

Real alphas understand the difference. Real alphas choose one out of the many.

Ultimately, what you do in the process of trying to conquer women is puff up your ego. You want the feeling of what the short-term flings represent. However, it’s a short-term sense of triumph only until you realize you are evading the truth, which is you have to build yourself up from within without experiencing anything external to provide you with that feeling.

What you are really after is a love connection and we cannot grow into the best version of ourselves without a significant other, who is your other half. They are truly unique because they provide us with the proper emotional charge that spots out our weaknesses. Many times you will get in a relationship with someone who spots out your weaknesses, however, they hurt you incredibly in that process. I analogize it to lifting weights. If you go too heavy, you’ll get injured. I believe all connections outside of your true other half are people who remind you of that person. You know deep down who you want. This is why we have a type. Your significant other is the only one who can truly be the gust of wind to your sails you are looking for.

By the way, here’s a side topic. What makes someone attractive? We all have eyes, a nose, a mouth. Is it the placement of it all? Is it leanness? Humans used to think fat was attractive. It’s something much deeper than that.

By changing our appearance, we are coming from a place of trying to change mechanics, which is a false construct. There’s a positive attraction and a negative attraction. There is opposition in all things. The negative attraction will bring you down a path of degeneration while the positive will bring you towards progression.

Why is sleeping with someone before your spouse still cheating? Morally right and wrong comes down to the fundamental principle of choice. Odds are your partner didn’t choose for you to do that. This will require forward thinking on your part. Even if your spouse is OK with it when given that information and knowledge, a good soul will never choose that. It is not a purity on your part to receive as much light/energy as possible. We like to rationalize and say it’s justified, but we are giving into the ego not what we know is moving us closer to the light.

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