Data is important, but you can’t be a slave to data, because then you won’t try anything and stick to it until it hits a critical mass. All great ideas need to hit a critical mass before you can really gauge it’s potential. If the data doesn’t pan out in the beginning, you’re going to abandon ship. Some projects, you need to abandon right away because it’s just a poor idea, but if you have something that’s a decent idea, you need to stick to it, because the beginning will usually not determine how good it is (it will most definitely require modifications on your part to make sure all the kinks are worked out and the loose ends are tied up, and that takes a while for every entrepreneur). Most successful people you meet will tell you that the beginning years of any profession include pitfalls and a large learning curve. Very few people hit home runs the first time up at-bat. They most likely had poor data in the beginning, but they acted in spite of it.

That’s why it’s very important to practically ignore the data in the beginning. Key word: beginning. Once you get a full head of steam going, then you must analyze the numbers and then it’s a game of math in terms of escalation (leads –> prospects –> conversions –> upsets –> testimonials –> referrals –> repeat), but with any new project that you take on, you must be willing to ignore the data for the sake of progress.

Keep plugging away. Keep at your projects. Don’t stop!

In terms of the Mastermind points leaderboard. Terie wins November as well. That makes two months in a row. Hah! She’s kicking everyone’s tail with Derrick Oliveros coming shortly behind. Terie is a personal client as well and she just gave a ridiculously awesome seminar in front of 100 people about human resources and promoted her new business

Step it up people! This stuff works!

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