So when you look at Instagram pages with millions of followers and Facebook pages that have millions of followers, it’s easy to think you’re not doing enough.

Marketing doesn’t come down to that.

As a wise man once told me, you have to worry about the foundation before you worry about the 2nd floor bathroom.

And social media accounts could be a business in itself, but it’s probably not your business. Unless you are selling posts, social media fans are a means to an end. They are a way to bring awareness. Would you rather have more fans than less fans? Absolutely! Would you rather have email addresses and phone numbers than Facebook fans? Probably, because then Facebook is really in control of your data, not you, and you have to go through Facebook to reach them, which means you’re at Facebook’s mercy and algorithm. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great resource!

Marketing is a complex subject, but the bottom line is you have to find the lowest cost to attract quality leads. If you don’t have capital, you need to hustle with free resources. Email people, text your entire phone book, hand out business cards, give free seminars, create some Facebook groups, and post on forums. Bring awareness to your brand the old fashioned way until you get some revenue where you can actually push into some quality lead gen. If you’re a real estate agent, you will want to advertise with Zillow,, homes and land magazines, etc eventually but at the start they might not bring in revenue for you enough to make cash flow.

The key questions you need to be asking yourself is where do your future clients shop now and how can you get in front of them for free. The next question is how can you barter or negotiate if you can’t do it free.

If you sell supplements, your target market is in people who are already into fitness and active with a gym lifestyle. Don’t try to convince people to start fitness to sell them a supplement. As the old expression goes – go where the low hanging fruit are.

If you sell high end cars, you need to be in Robb Report and the high end auto shows. If you deal with acute issues such as fixing an immediate problem, you probably need to invest in Google AdWords. Where do people go with the problem you’re trying to fix?

There’s probably some partnerships you can create! Often times the next best business move is to partner with someone who has what you’re missing. If you have lots of leads, then you need to partner with a sales team or with a company that has a bigger product line. If you have lots of products but no leads, you need to partner with a company that has lots of fans and not much income. There’s usually someone who has what you’re missing. Get to them. You might be a perfect match.

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