Welcome to The JG Mastermind of Wisdom!

Formerly introduced to you as The Peak Mindset Academy, there have been several changes that have been implemented due to the feedback from various members in the group and my own personal dedication to growth. Sometimes I live up to my expectations, sometimes I fall up short, but I always give effort and eventually things come to correct themselves in due time.

I have built an entirely new platform for you! I hope you like it. You’ll get to watch video courses I put together to help you with specific areas. You’ll also be able to participate on the forums and ask any of the members any question you’d like. This is total interactivity at its’ finest!

I will post on the blog very frequently with clips of wisdom, both for free members, and higher level thinking posts specifically for the mastermind members only. I will also send these out to your email so you don’t miss a beat! Read it right on your phone at your convenience.

Due to the poor participation on the video conferences, everything will take place on this brand new membership platform. Here, we can weigh in on topics and have discussions on the luxury of our own time. Read, post, and watch whenever you have time during the day.

To maximize your membership, request access to certain groups you want to join and PARTICIPATE! I am here to answer your questions! The group is here to answer your questions. Not only that, but our mission as Mastermind members is to find truth, so let’s have some amazing commentary and discussions on some intensely profound and intellectually stimulating topics. Join a group, start a topic, let’s go!

I will make this as much of an incredible experience I can, but you have to play ball too.

1/3 of our members showed up down in Miami at our annual live event – The Peak Mindset Intensive – located in Miami, FL. This was an incredible experience that I am grateful to have been a part of.

I will try to over-deliver as best as you can and you should notice that you received an extension on your membership. This is complimentary. Hopefully, you’ll choose to renew after you realize how powerful this group actually is.

I know each and every one in here is destined for greatness and has a tremendous heart to help all the others in this group achieve their goals and the level of success they ultimately want. Now, let’s band together and form an incredible unit together.

I am beyond excited to have you on here with this incredible new platform! Now, let’s make some incredible breakthroughs together!

Best Regards,
Jaret Grossman

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