Welcome to the new and improved JG Mastermind Group of Wisdom! Here is where we will band together as a group of intellectual brothers and sisters to come to some amazing truths and to help each other on our own paths of greatness.

If you are a Mastermind Member, do not click to sign up as a JG Community member!

Start by going to the All Courses page and it would be great if you can go through each of the video lessons and courses on there. It should keep you busy for hours and hours. With each video lesson watched and course completed you get points.

You also get points for participating in the forum discussions. Just join a group you’d like and then post topics and reply to topics. You can also create groups and invite members in there. Keep it civil and make it interesting. I will elect certain Members as admins of groups who can moderate the groups, invite members, and moderate posts. The better your posts are, the more I will view you as a leader.

Interacting with members is encouraged here, and again, you will receive points. Point leaders will get various prizes.

To keep your Mastermind membership eligible, you do need to participate often. People with very little activity for months on end will get kicked out – we cannot have dead weight here.

The recommendation is 7-10 Forum Topics/Replies per week. Once a day ought to do it, but if you’d like to do them in bulk, that is perfectly okay too.

We also want the members to feel involved in the creation and operation of the group, so please provide any ideas that can make this as good as possible.

Plus, we want you actively recruiting members from the outside who you feel (those who you feel can bring a lot to the table).
That’s why, for every person you recruit to the Mastermind Group of Wisdom, you get 2 free phone calls with me. Just have the new member tell me it was you.

We are also looking for volunteers who can make this Mastermind group even better.
Please comment below and let me know if you have any suggestions growing this group and if you have any tasks or duties you’d like to help out with.

Best of luck and I look forward to seeing your growth.


Best Regards,

Jaret Grossman

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