How do you define work?

I sometimes go for a walk in the middle of the day for a couple of hours

I try to sense energy.

Energy is like the wind.
It takes me where I need to be and it changes from moment to moment.

I know that if I can stumble upon some truths by reflecting from my own personal experiences and life, then I can spend 20 minutes writing about it or creating a video explaining the concept.

That 20 minutes, in actuality took several life experiences, and much reflection, in addition to the hour of walking and talking to myself to come upon the real analysis of the truth.

So the work wasn’t 20 minutes, it was hours and hours, when you really analyze it.

That’s why you pay a lawyer hundreds of dollars to write a contract and he or she just needs to swap out some terms from an old contract. That’s why a doctor can diagnose your problem in 5 minutes and we get frustrated at how much it costs compared to the time seen. Here’s the reality. It’s not the 5 minutes – it was everything that went into the 5 minutes. The schooling, the experience, etc.

If you can merge your “work” with your life now you have completion.
You want to get to a place where work doesn’t feel like work anymore, but it feels like it’s an extension of who you are and what you were made to do. When you can get there, you’ve tapped into something extraordinary.

If you can get to a place where your creation is just a byproduct of your existence and you let it flow through you, now you’re in a state of creativity and it’s magic. It’s done for the right reasons.

This is probably what the universe wants from us. Everyone has slightly different interests and a different makeup.

You’ll find that there’s enough interest from 8 billion people to earn a living off of your “passion”. We can really understand it as your DNA. Your existence is predicated on a purpose just like everyone else’s is. If everyone lives within their true purpose, then we magically have coffee baristas, pool repair companies, construction workers, actors, etc. It seems from one layer everyone wants the exact same thing out of life, but it’s much deeper than that. If you truly examine what you want out of life, you’ll know that it’s a very unique formula that’s going to make you happy as opposed to someone else.

The only way to merge your work with your existence is by understanding your true purpose which has many layers upon it, and the more you peel the onion back, the more you become aware of what’s going on inside you. If you don’t know what your purpose is, I suggest you hop on the members site and go through each of the videos on the Basics of Life Course. You can also hop on a call with me and we can really figure out how to merge your life existence with work. JG Wisdom Contributors get a discount, so go here:

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