I thought I’d expand on some stuff from my Gun Control post that got some pretty valuable feedback.

It was a very interesting comment by Donald Trump where he said, ‘this would make the original Trojan Horse look like peanuts’ when referring to the refugees, that he saw only built men and hardly any women.

It’s such a simple answer to say ‘guns are dangerous…remove them’.

Now, in terms of people believing in deliberate mind control…from a logical perspective, it seems almost impossible to have that much organization and control from the top down. Government by it’s very nature is disorganized and doesn’t agree on much. It’s designed to move slowly. So, reaching through every rank of government, police, education, etc. to manipulate the entire public and everyone involved in that is out there.

I’ll leave it as this. There are definitely people in control and power who have damaging agendas and a flock of sheep that blindly follow. There are also other people who know what’s going on, but are too afraid to speak up because they are made out to look like they are insensitive, racist, or crazy. Some politicians go in wanting to do good and make change, but then their policies get stuck or they get caught up in getting paid off.

The herd of sheep have certainly grown in the past 25 years in enormous amounts due to music, reality TV shows, drugs, and sex which make the public less intelligent and more in line with their urges/carnal desires as opposed to growth.

This is a profound idea I heard once that stuck with me. Evil exists as a byproduct of man’s choice when things get tough. Try to take a step back from the idea of a Devil, for instance, orchestrating some grand plot. That will keep you in a negative frame of mind. Man has choice and unfortunately, there are extremely wealthy people in power who want more fame, more money, and will never be satisfied. As a result, they will do whatever they can to protect their position and stay on their perch.

The elitists know very well that people in poverty becoming dependent on the government is a good thing for them. They know all the statistics. If you do not have a child out of wedlock and you finish high school, you have less than a 2% chance of being in poverty. Drugs, alcohol, and sex create those other situations. That’s why rap music is so damaging to the minds of people, especially young kids.

In every society, the bottom class bands together and revolts against the wealthy in the hierarchical scheme. How do you control that? Well, you give them just enough. As my dad said, starving dogs will get vicious, but if you feed them just enough, they’ll be tamed.

The generation above me was probably the greatest generation the history of the world has seen in terms of an explosion of growth, urban development, and providing the foundation for all the technology and wealth we experience today.

Luckily, we do still have a nation filled with a lot of smart, hard working people from that generation above and in this generation who do control a good amount of wealth and are free thinkers who don’t just willingly bow down. Those numbers are shrinking rapidly, however, but each of you are good men and women who need to do your part in getting people on the path of growth so we can fight that opposition.

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