So the other day I was telling you about how I like to go for long walks by myself. I stumble across some incredible wisdom on these long talks.

I would describe these walks as walks with G-d. I believe when we talk to ourselves, we are often debating with our intellect, or perhaps talking to an angel or ancestor or future version of ourself. The ‘other self’, as Napoleon Hill coined his famous intimate sessions..but my personal belief is G-d is everywhere and omnipresent and you can have discussions together. However, I don’t think G-d will just talk with you because you call G-d’s name. For me, I heard a distinct voice to go to a distinct place at a certain time. Almost like a meeting. I do believe that just like there are hierarchies and levels in an organization, if you want a meeting with the CEO, you probably have to have something meaningful to talk about.

Anyway, I met at a precise location at 5:00 AM. I showed up 10 minutes early out of respect. I was listening to some music and the last song before I started futzing with the radio before I got out of the car, I remembered distinctly since it was a 1980’s song that rarely plays on the radio.

My entire walk, I can describe to you as a microcosm of life.

I started out knowing that I wanted to take a stroll for about an hour until Starbucks opened and then grab a coffee or a tea.

At first, there was hesitation within me. I wasn’t sure where to start or where to stand..what to say. Suddenly, I heard a voice that told me to go over to the tall grass.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes you don’t need to dictate the terms. They’ll come to you.

I had fears in my mind that perhaps there was a snake there. Florida is known to have alligators, and there was water nearby so I was worried of that. But then I understood the test. Will you trust in G-d even though you’re being put into danger? I surrendered, with some difficulty, but I eventually pushed forward and went to where I was being led. I asked myself is G-d going to hurt me? As soon as I went forward, I was led to go back towards the street path.

Lesson Learned: Trust that you’ll be protected even when temporarily it seems scary.

I was on the side of the street and a car was coming so I moved over to the grass. I didn’t have to, but the voice led me to.

Lesson Learned: Always protect yourself from someone’s potential mistakes, even if you think you’re clear.

As I walked down the street, and I would hear a small voice, I would subtly interject with a louder one. I would often complete the sentence in a way they made tremendous sense. I would ask a question, then hear part of the answer, then my mind would immediately relate it back to a scene in an interview or a movie (because I constantly try to connect the dots) and I would say ahh, ok, but I would do this all before the sentence was complete. If you’ve ever been on a coaching call with me or a Mastermind session, I tend to dominate the session LOL. Part of it is my personality, part of it is because I’m being paid to be a leader, part of it is my own insecurities in terms of trying to prove my worth and knowledge.

Lesson Learned: You don’t have to always do the talking. Silence is golden. Don’t complete people’s sentences or phrases for them, even if it sounds perfect to you or if they are hesitating to finish. Don’t interject with a profound metaphor. Listen to the entirety of the message with an open mind, and don’t be afraid of what you’re going to hear.

Then, I was feeling really lethargic. It came over me all of the sudden. Then I was debating whether I should get into a peak state. I’ve almost burned myself out from getting into a peak state too much. I’ve suffered with tremendous back pain, and a large part of it I feel is due to a tight psoas, which is often caused by overproduction of the adrenal glands – too much adrenaline pumping through overburdens certain glands. Anyway, I had a better thought. Can I get into a peak state without adrenaline? The answer came to me as yes. So I did. I felt re-energized.

Lesson Learned: There’s always a better question to ask. You can tap into power without any negative consequences if it’s not done with anger.

Then, I was led to look to my left at these big flagpoles in front of this huge beautiful office building that was all lit up. I was told to go there as it symbolized the gates of success that I would walk through. As I got there, there was a fountain in the middle of said flagpoles. I had to walk around and I was led to walk through to the entrance of the building. The doors were locked.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes success is evasive. It’s an illusion. But it’s temporary defeat, and it was necessary to get you to where you have to go.

I then was told to stand in front of the building, directly center of the flagpoles. Strangely enough there was a tree that was planted on angle, yet a branch stood straight up at center of the flagpoles. I marveled at the engineers who planned this together an knew that couldn’t be coincidence. I felt awkward just standing in the center there staring, but I was told to remain put. Then, a car came into the parking lot. I felt they would look at me like a freak, for sure. Some random guy at 5:30 in the morning is standing outside the building by himself not moving. The car went and parked away from where I was standing. I was then told to walk towards the pond.

Lesson Learned: Don’t be afraid of what other people think of you when you’re doing the right thing. Just plug away and it will work out.

As I walked around the pond, I started getting the sniffles and had uncontrollable sneezing. I thought that maybe I was getting sick because I didn’t get much sleep and woke up really early. I was then led to benches by a bus stop. I wanted to sit down. I was really lethargic at this point, but I had the mental energy to keep having a conversation in my head about what I should do. I was worried about how dirty the benches were. I’ve never liked sitting at benches at public places, especially in front of transportation hubs. So, I kept standing and debating whether I should go across the street to sit at the chairs in Starbucks. But then I thought, is this a test to sit down even though it’s dirty. Why am I being led here? Then, I heard a voice that said sit where you’re comfortable. Comfortable? This one really got me. I felt uncomfortable leaving the mission incomplete. I also felt uncomfortable sitting in the chair. The charts at Starbucks are certainly more comfortable, but I’m not more comfortable failing my assignment. Ultimately, I searched deep in my core and found the answer. I went across the street to Starbucks.

Lesson Learned: Don’t regret your decisions by making them out of haste. Carefully deliberate and the answer will come to you.

Then, I sat down at a Starbucks seat with a comfy cushion. Silence came over me. When I heard the same song playing on the Starbucks radio that was playing in my car when I got out, I knew our session was over and I got out of it what I needed to. Until my next walk. Whether it was G-d or not, I don’t know, but my belief is that it was and I think that’s the most important part.

Lesson Learned: You’ll end up where you need to be, even if you had to take a long, somewhat mystifying experience and journey to get there. I didn’t get sick – it was just an illusion and the mind tends to think things will get worse, not better – don’t let fear dominate your life.

Go on some walks. You will learn more about yourself than you could ever imagine.

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