Men who are good providers naturally want to take great care of their wife or girlfriend. When that happens, we usually cater to their every demand. This is a very good thing, in actuality. You should want to make your partner’s every desire come true. However, what happens is that we lose our sense of masculinity. Every time our aggressive nature comes up we sort of get pain from it, so it’s quite natural to shut it down.

Sometimes that leads to us giving out of fear (of consequence or reprimand) and not out of love. The funny thing is women sort of push us into this place subconsciously as a way of strengthening us. They want us to be our dominant self, but not in an aggressive, possessive, controlling way…and they want us to give from the right place, not because we’re afraid. This allows us to trust our abilities but remain somewhat uncertain in the sense that we’re not all-powerful. Women, you have your faults too, and you need to recognize when you’re taking advantage and being a total manipulative taker.

Here’s the way around it, for us men.

To build rapport with someone, we naturally mirror and match them. This is highly important to gain a connection.
However, when we match our partner, we build rapport on one level (intimacy/love/common interests) but we break rapport on another level (sexual chemistry). We soften ourselves thinking it will build rapport, but in reality, over time it starts eroding at the core of the relationship.

Sexual chemistry forms from an opposite-bond. Think chemistry. Opposite charges attract, like charges repel. A man without purpose becomes neutrally charged. A woman who doesn’t fall into her feminine beauty becomes neutrally charged. However, if we are too opposite, there’s probably sexual chemistry, but no real connection and love if you were to remove the sex from the equation. That’s why it’s important to wait to have sex with your partner…you must first know that the love is present and that it’s not some false illusion of a bond.

The idea is to be very powerful as a man, but very compassionate. A man who is both masculine and feminine develops a strong moral code but can assert himself in the world, taking the right actions in the business world while not straying from his family. A woman who has masculine traits embedded with her feminine core allows her to strengthen her logical brain while still remaining as a caretaker, which she was biologically made for.

There’s an energy you can tap into internally. Different energies come from different areas of your body. The idea is to merge them together so they show up at the same time. It’s important to tap into these different areas when you’re speaking, when you’re walking, etc.

I can definitely go over the specific energies you need to tap into on a coaching call with you so you understand this powerful, powerful concept and present yourself as the man or woman you want to be and the person your partner needs:
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