I always try to come up with new ideas and I always try to stay ahead of the curve on technology. With Acorns, Stash, Dosh doing so well. You can see where the next phase of apps is heading. The next phase of apps will be apps that allow people to easily make money.

As you know me by now, I’m always coming up with new ventures. I actually need help with all my projects and my mission in life.

So here’s a new concept that will come into fruition. I envision a portal where employers can post their odd job needs kind of like a craigslist, but in an easy-to-use app where social profiles are easily accessible (such as those you see on Facebook, so you see their picture, name, bio, wall etc. to screen out who you want – it could even extract Facebook’s or LinkedIn’s or Instagram’s API and be integrated).

For instance, I may need someone who can do an odd job for me of making quote images for Instagram with my logo on it, and I’m willing to pay $2 per graphic. Or someone who can do basic data entry for $8 an hour.

Now this will be different from Fiverr and Upwork because it will be a much more seamless process of hiring – think OfferUp or Letgo where instead of posting things you want to sell, you post the job and the price (as opposed to contractors giving you bids) so people can make money quickly using their skill set.

Contractors will be able to scroll through all the available odd jobs based on category, location, and match with your skill set.

Reviews, portfolio of work, etc.

If someone needs their lawn mowed, they’ll post it on the app as opposed to craigslist or nextdoor.

Someone private messages the other and is either hired or not to take up the job.

Someone wants their driveway shoveled for $50?

A portal for business in terms of connecting opposing skill sets.

I have several other apps I’m currently thinking about working on in the future and currently working on. I don’t think anyone here would just run away and steal my idea. Maybe it can be a project for all of us to embark on together!

I am looking for partners who are willing to invest capital, contributory ideas, and marketing efforts. Please contact me if you’re interested in partnering up.

I also have an app called TaskChat (www.TaskChatApp.com), where I’m looking for a serious partner, but I would need much more of a capital investment in that since it’s already built.

Let me know if you’re interested in getting in on the ground floor with me.

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