You might go through some hardship while you’re on the path of personal growth. For instance, you might notice your bank account going down, not up after you start your personal development journey. If that’s something you are experiencing, my belief is that it’s all somewhat of a test of your character. Will you do the right thing internally regardless of what happens on the external world?

Something that stuck with me forever was something that Tony Robbins mentioned once before: ‘when you do the right thing and the world gives you pain, give yourself pleasure, and if the world gives you pleasure when you did the wrong thing, give yourself pain’.

So when the world isn’t giving you what you ‘think’ you want, will you do the right thing anyway? This might seem like nonsense but it’s the fastest road to congruency within.

You have to pass that mud first. It could take a month to see “rewards”, it could take six months, it could take years…but eventually the gates will open if you pass your test and when you pass the test in life, it’s almost like you were living in a dream state once you awaken. It’s like something new takes a hold of you and you get this renewed energy and vigor, so keep plugging away; and the end to your test might be just around the corner, so don’t quit!

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