I would just like to take a moment to congratulate our point leaders thus far:

Terie Tishim is in the lead with 6,145 points.

Shortly behind her are:
Anthony Grimaldi – 3,540 Points
Eric Tsen – 2,430 Points
Mario Caissie – 2,410 Points
Stephanie Clemenson – 1,360 Points
Michael Banjany – 1,150 Points

If you are wondering how they got so many points, they are accumulated based on how many lessons you complete, group forum topics you start and reply to, as well as comments you leave, friend requests, private messages, etc.

Prize leaders get prizes every month, such as working with me on a project, a free coaching call, a free product that I offer, a collective Mastermind call, a gift card, etc.

If I missed anyone, I apologize in advance. Let me know immediately.

We’ve got 2 days left so start racking up those points!

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