So I want to elaborate on my post from last night.

This quote from Tony Robbins is very powerful. ‘When you do the right thing and the world gives you pain, give yourself pleasure, and if the world gives you pleasure when you did the wrong thing, give yourself pain’.

I literally go into a depression when I do something I shouldn’t have. It might be a big action I shouldn’t have taken or something small like saying a phrase I shouldn’t have said to someone, but I deliberately try to feel remorse over what I did, and I try to do it for as long as the wrong I committed I think deserves – I’m sure I am off base with my judgment many times though. I firmly believe that G-d is the only one who can administer punishment for us, but I do feel that if we recognize our own mistakes and sulk accordingly, we can potentially decrease the severity of that punishment.

I think this is why we are naturally inclined to go into a depression when something goes wrong. Usually it happens subconsciously, however, I want you to start consciously choosing it, if you can.

Similarly, you have to reward yourself whenever you do something right, and I’ll admit this is probably something I may not do enough. I try to be very hard on myself, as I’m sure each and every one of you are – anyone who is on a really intense mission and has a destination in mind usually is. Here’s the thing though. When you just focus on the flaws, you slowly correct them but at the expense of your own self esteem. You also notice other people’s flaws way more than their strengths and this ironically makes you more flawed.

The moral of the story is to recognize your mistakes and consciously feel remorse. Equally, pat yourself on the back when you do something right. Be fair.

Now there’s something else I want to elaborate on from last night’s post. I believe the quest in our lives is to be the best people we can be.

I said last night that the gates will open if you pass your test, and when you pass the test in life, it’s almost like you were living in a dream state once you awaken.

Im sure you’ve experienced this awakening or what I’m talking about.
I’ve noticed that it usually comes after you make a ‘mistake’ or fall off the spiritual path.

The best analogy I can come up with is it’s like you’re finally dropped off at a certain floor from the elevator you’ve been riding.

The more ‘good’ you do during this dream like state, the higher the floor that you go up to. Then, you finally enter your new reality. So you might notice that your life might actually get better after you make a ‘mistake’ or fall off the spiritual way because it was difficult, but your life is not nearly going to be as good as if you had not made that mistake and you kept riding the elevator up to the top floor.

Keep plugging away!

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