You have to plan every single day. Long term targets are important, but long term plans cannot account for every variable. You must plan in accordance to the information you have at your fingertips. The landscape is so dynamic, so you have to adapt. You cannot possibly do that if you you are going off of an old plan and a lesser version of yourself.

Here’s how to plan every morning:
(shown above)

Split it up in terms of priority (emergency – must be done today), important (as soon as you are done with priority you move onto here and this will be your carry-over for tomorrow’s tasks), and backburner (these are the tasks you want to do but are bogging down your thought process, so just put an x through them because you don’t have enough time today).

The important part is that you must plan according to the results you want, not just to put tasks down. There’s probably a different task that can achieve the result you are after more efficiently. Use some brainpower here and it will be autopilot.

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