2 + 2 = 4 whether you want to believe it or not.

There is absolute truth in the world and you have to put aside your ego to be a truth seeker.

To think that religious organizations haven’t been jacked up for dollars, cents, and personal agendas is being totally naive and a puppet to authority.

It is equally naive to believe there is NO truth in religious texts.

It’s taking the useful and discarding the useless.

Religion tells me bread is the staff of life. Science tells me bread is bad for my waistline.

Science was created to find out answers where there was only theology explaining how our universe works. Here’s where people get confused though. To believe in science more than religious texts, however, is to have faith. You just believe in people in white coats more so than metaphorical stories or an omnipotent being. You are still having faith!

Science told me several years ago that egg yolks were bad for me. Now they tell me they are good for me.

Do you see the dilemma? It is absurd to think that because some laboratory said so, it is 100% true. First, who is funding the study? Oh wait. That’s right. Someone wants milk to be deemed healthier so milk sales go up. Do scientists make mistakes? You betcha.

Does science offer more value than harm? ABSOLUTELY, but they are still learning!

Science is young, naive, does not have all the answers, and contradicts themselves; yet they do come to parts of the truth.

They are telling a story using protons, electrons, and neutrons. Adam or atom. You can take your pick.

You must take the religious stories into account ALONG WITH science to come to your own conclusion based on what feels right.

If egg yolks work for me, I will eat them. If science tells me to stay away from bread but I have way more energy when I eat bread, I’m going to eat bread.

There is truth in EVERY religion, and if you associate yourself with a particular religion, much of that is because you are drawn to truth but your ego is also attached to the identity of being a part of that religion. Even if you were given scientific facts that a different religion had more truth in it than yours, you’d still have a hard time letting go. So you see the problem here?

You must try to view each religion as a fractured part of the truth.

If something is around for thousands of years, do you truly believe the texts were kept intact without anyone wanting to profit off of religion by making their own version and twisting some things around a little bit?

If you really explore how Paganism, Judaism, Christianity, and Muslim theology branched off from one another you start understanding a bigger picture and connecting the dots. The characters and names used have all been jacked up, but the message of the stories are very similar. The stories are intricate and completely useful to apply in your life.

Religion should ultimately be seen more as metaphors and stories teaching you a positive lesson rather than getting caught in the literal interpretation that the story went down exactly like it’s written.

The common thread woven between all religions is FAITH; to believe in a higher power, that there is such thing as good and evil, and you are supposed to live a righteous life based on doing what you want done to you. People who buy too much into science believe they have nothing to answer to beyond progressing technology. Religious organizations thwart advancement. Everything comes with good and evil. My phone can be used to study calculus or watch porn in my bed. One is a righteous way to live. The other is not. Wanting to clone people is advancement. Were you supposed to be cloning people? What are the repercussions of doing so?

Take advancement and the idea of G-d into account to come to a middle ground of what the truth is and how you should conduct your life.

You don’t have to pay money to connect to G-d. Church/synagogue is 24/7, not just on Saturdays or Sundays.

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