Sometimes it can be hard to remember everyone’s name. It’s an embarrassing situation when someone introduces themselves and then 30 seconds later, you forget.

We’ve all been here. Here’s how to never forget again.

As soon as someone introduces themselves, it’s very important to repeat their name in your mind several times. But that’s not all.

Our memories don’t work as well with words alone as when you associate those words with pictures. This is how memory champs are able to memorize a deck of cards in the exact order. They form images of a sequence of cards in their mind. They’ll take 4 or 8 cards at a time and remember the order, almost like a phone number and then gather multiple sequences together. Easier than remembering 52 cards all at once

They also form images. So play out a movie in your mind. A is for Alice, 2 is for 2 dice – and create a story.

When someone shares their name, associate it with another person’s name who you know who has that same name. You can use an actor.

Memory champions also look at the deck forwards and backwards multiple times. So if you want to remember a name, don’t just say the name forward but spell it backwards in your mind.

These tips helped me tremendously!


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